From The Alpha and the Omega - Chapter Seven
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
" The Third Temple and the Ark of the Covenant "

   Archaeologists have uncovered a pillar from Solomonís porch as the first find from the Herodian Temple. From its location in relation to the Wailing Wall they can project the location of the ancient Holy of Holies. Any excavation in this direction will bring opposition from the Moslem Arabs who fear the structure of the Mosque could be weakened.

   Would the major churches of the Christian world permit Jewish religious rites to be established on the Mount? Israel desires to rebuild the Temple and they still reject that Jesus was the Messiah. Presently the Jews are trying to recover from 2534 years of Exile since 1948. They are showing a great resurgence in their past Glory by trying to restore their respect in the world. Although most of the news lately gives them the image of a country making peace with a hostile Arab world around them. In actuality their real strong point will come in their future advances in the world of science, specifically in computer applications for world communications. Most likely as we all know the Jewish people are really good with controlling monetary functions and may become a major player in that issue. Although one has to worry about that kind of statement since Hitlerís regime in Germany blamed the Jews for controlling all the banks at one time. It would be amusing to know that some specific world power might do the same someday out of dislike for their economic position in the world. There is one thing you can bet on and that is everything that Israel is doing in the world at present has only one purpose. That is to do what they have to do to make their Messiah return.

   To return to the miraclous return of the nation of Israel.

   The Prophet Daniel says the Jewish people will make a covenant with the Roman antichrist (Dan 9:27; Rev. 13:1-10) . This will allow them to rebuild their Temple, reinstate animal sacrifice and accept the False Prophet as the Messiah (Rev. 13:11-18). This is also referred to as the "end of the time of the Gentiles."

   Daniel 12:11, "From the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days."

   In context with this book I find a correlation between the last Six Days or Ages of the Zodiac.
   Seen early is the Astronomical connections to the Age of Aquarius from the continuation of the Age of Pisces.

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