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"Generations of Jesus Christ -
Astronomical references to the upcoming Age of Aquarius
The following is a note of interest in Richard H. Allen's work:
    "The Jewish Nisan, our March-April, was associated with Aries, for Josephus said that it was when the sun was here in this month that his people were released from the bondage of Egypt; and so was the same month Nisanu of Assyria, where Aries represented the Altar and the Sacrifice, a ram usually being the victim.    Hence the prominence given to this sign in antiquity even before its stars became the leaders of the rest; although Berossos and Macrobius attributed this to the ancient belief that the earth was created when the sun was within its boundaries; and Albumasar, of the 9th century [This author, known also as 'Abu Ma'shar and Ja'phar, was from Balh' in Turkestan, celebrated as an astrologer and quoted by Al Biruni, but with the caution that he was a very incorrect astronomer.
    The Lenox Library of New York has a copy of his Opus introductorii in astronomia Albumazaris abalachi, Idus Februarii, 1489, published at Venice with illustrations.    Its similarity to the Hyginus of the preceding year would indicate that they issued from the same press.], in his devolution of Years wrote of the Creation as having taken place when "the seven planets" — the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn — were in conjunction here, and foretold the destruction of the world when they should be in the same position in the last degree of Pisces."

    So as seen in this statement the position in the last degree of Pisces, whereas we can see the second fish below lining up with the year 2238 A.D., which is well into the age of Aquarius.
Star Chart showing that the Second Fish of Pisces is actually in the age of Aquarius
   To go on to the subject of predictions in The Tribulation is the Big Question.

   Understand that these above date figures could be in error by as much as plus or minus three years or 25 years as to the star positions in the future.

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