Foreword from the Author
From The Alpha and the Omega - Introduction
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved

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   I begin with the clarification that I am not a prophet, nor do I belong to one of the thousands of world denominations regarding the religious movements. Each of these believes that theirs is the chosen doctrine that must be spread throughout the world. It is of the utmost importance to attend churches weekly to better oneís spiritual self. This allows one to be in fellowship with people who worship God and watch the results of the churches' efforts. I spend several hours a day researching various subjects that generate the books written, and probably spend more time on Biblical studies than most members of present day churches.

    Besides writing this book, by trade I am a futurist and technocrat specializing in manufacturing engineering with an educational background with computer and general sciences, physics, robotics, astronomy, and extreme organizational skills with procedures and methods. I consider the Bible a very complex book that could not be understood easily by the worldís illiterate people who require verbal preaching of sermons. Even those who can read it, and read it through may not grasp the significance of its chapters and verses. We all know that the message of every Bible verse is very simple, but the total book is very complex.

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    Being head smart does not always mean you can understand the Bible because it requires some spiritual insight, not the doctrines of men but only the truth from Godís viewpoint. As seen in Amos 7:14 Amos (Heb. Ďamos, Gr. amos, burden-bearer) was not a prophet, but a farmer, whom God used to detail the future and the restoration of His people. He protested against the luxuriant, careless lifestyle, the worship of idols, rituals over righteousness, and then asserted a repentance of sin and a renewed spiritual relationship with God. He was accused of sedition by the idolatrous high priest and rulers. Amos had no connection with any prophetic order, nor was he linked politically with the house of David, and even today his book has stood the test from critical scholars.

    I am not a prophet, nor a theology professor, nor a member of a religious order, but simply a man who has been inspired to write this book as a layman in search for the truth, during a time when people are searching spiritually for answers. This book will cause me more trouble in the end because the controversies in it will generate great persecution from my own people and country. Manís self-centeredness never sees the evil inside himself but only from without.

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    This book The Alpha and the Omega was a concept that I have been researching for some twenty years. In the early 70ís when many books were being published to sensationalize the events of gods riding around in spacecraft; spiritism and transcendental meditation was taking hold of the youth of America; and the Revelation events were expanded upon to every extent, I eventually found myself acknowledging that most were premature in their assumptions.

    During this time I was a person that was on the path of eternal damnation. My sins were great and the influence of society on me at that time had created a person which I consider a monster now. Most persons during that period were educated and influenced by the influx of German philosophies and Eastern mysticism. This resulted in the anti-establishment phases (political activism, anti-war and alternative lifestyles), drug-cultures (mind expansion and experiments), sexual revolution (free love and sex), and in general a new morality (based on spiritualism and occultic practices). To some persons this is still true even today.

    A miraculous change came over me one day in 1974 as I repented my sins and asked God to come into my life. I believe I had hit rock bottom and there was only one way out and that was by believing in Jesus Christ. A burden had been lifted from my heart and as a new Christian I began to seek to find the Truth. I began by reading all the red lettered words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and researched the meanings of His words, with a zeal to know what it meant to be a Christian.

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    Christian professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Relating to or derived from Jesus or Jesus's teachings. Manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus; Christlike. Relating to or characteristic of Christianity or its adherents. Showing a loving concern for others; humane. One who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus. One who lives according to the teachings of Jesus [Middle English Cristen, from Old English cristen, from Latin Christanus, from Greek Khristianos, from Khristos, Christ].

    How to become a Christian.

    All of us are sinners and must repent our sins. Jesus died in place of our sins. Now becoming a Christian is not easy, because you must give up and stop doing your old sins. The goal is to sin no more and try to be Christlike, based on his earthly teachings. For many years after this I faltered many times, but always asked God to forgive my sins. Christianity is also a maturing process.

    From this research came a newly inspired idea which began to be like a snowball rolling down hill and growing larger as it rolled. At first the information was an effort to establish my own beliefs based on what the Bible stated against the subject matter of the relationship of science and religion. I became obsessed to know everything about the subject in my early years.

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    The twist to my original idea is that God had set a specific beginning and an end for present day humanity. That beginning was a specific point in astronomy and would be manifested through movement of the precession of the equinoxes and the twelve symbols of the Zodiac and the completion of a circle 25,920 years long. I began to notice that the archetype symbols of the Zodiac and their definitions correlated to specific historical events, biblical Patriarchs, and numerical values in the Biblical chronology. This may sound totally ludicrous to a person who is trying to be a faithful Christian, but the circumstances beckoned for this end.

    Then came a startling conclusion that for each symbol the direct opposite confirmed the correlation even further. This started an exhaustive effort to find every correlation that could confirm these connections. The Star Charts developed by myself are very entertaining for the presentation of these connections, which are backed up by a total review of the mythology, Biblical verses, modern science theories and even the esoteric research of this topic. Maybe God does geometrize the universe for his own purpose.

    During my research I have come across many startling discoveries not considered before. Most of the book is from various sources such as: Biblical text, historical data and recent news articles (past twenty years), archaeological discoveries and previous authors on similar subjects. There are a few items discovered that are highly controversial and will amuse the initiated and uninitiated into the dark ancient meanings as they are revealed.

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    In a time where a generation of Baby Boomers and now their children have grown up in a world that influenced them away from the Word of God, I hope this book will help those who read it to gain some new insight on how they became influenced. This book will also answer most of the questions about what you always wanted to know but there was never anyone (theologically capable) or enough time to explain that subject (religious training courses).

   The market for this book will probably attract the intellectual groups especially those scientists who have a growing interest in connecting science and spirituality. Some of the New Age movements and pseudo-science groups may pick up on it since it has connotations of astrology, mythology, and esoteric information. The real purpose of releasing this book to the public is to reach those who do not know the truth and have been led to believe otherwise. If you are seeking spirituality and are fed up with the status quo, try this book. It is a refreshing new point of view with nothing like it in the market place. Christians already believe but even in the various denominations there are those who know little about their own doctrine and where it came from. Most can not even discern what is biblical and what is not biblical. Even they have been programmed from birth to believe in doctrines which are simply not in their own Bible.

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