Table Of Contents for
"The Alpha and the Omega"

by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved

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Foreword from the Author.


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48 Main Constellations and the Six Days of Creation.

Chapter One
Genesis from an Ice Age -- Day One (Capricornus) through Day Six (Leo).

 :Six Days of Creation

 :Six Day Circle

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Cancer (Crab) and Capricornus (Goat).

Chapter Two - Seventh Day of Rest
Adam and Eve, the Serpent's lies, and Enoch's translation.

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Gemini (Twins) and Sagittarius (Archer).

Chapter Three - Eighth Day
Noah and the Oncoming Deluge, his descendants and the Tower of Babel.

Table of Nations - Introduction
Genesis 10:1 through Genesis 10:32.

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Taurus (Bull) and Scorpius (Scorpion).

Chapter Four - Ninth Day
Sumer and Pre-dynastic Egypt, Scorpion, the Bull of Egypt and Abram the Hebrew.

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Aries (Ram) and Libra (Scales).

Chapter Five - Tenth Day
Patriarchs: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David and the Prophets.

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Pisces (Fishes) and Virgo (Virgin).

Chapter Six - Eleventh Day
Birth of Jesus Christ, Messiah, the Church Age - Revelation One through Five.

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Aquarius (Water Bearer) and Leo (Lion).

Chapter Seven - Twelfth Day
New World Order, New Age Movement, Time of Secrecy, and Tribulation.

Chapter Eight
Revelation Six through Twenty-two.

 :Twelve Day Circle

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