From The Alpha and the Omega - Chapter One
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" The numbers of the Hebrew Alphabet - The Books of the Bible "

   Furthermore, Origen (A.D. 185?-254?) a martyred Greek Christian philosopher known for his interpretations of the Old Testament listed the Old Testament books as 22 instead of the modern 39. In his Hexapla, Hexateuch the first six books of the Old Testament [hexa- + (Penta)teuch]. The Masoretic text the Tanach (Old Testament) is 22 books but the modern versions have been broken down into 39 during the Diaspora.

   The Hebrew alphabet has the following numerical outlook. Notice its mathematical structure of three columns of 9 letters, with the column to the right being multiplied by 10 to create a new numerical value for each of the 22 letters plus the 5 final ones which equals 27.

numerical values of the Hebrew Letters
The Hebrew  Alphabet and other information
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