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is a Hebrew word which means in general
"The Constellations of the Zodiac."
The book of Job, which is thought to be the oldest book in the Bible,
goes back to approximately 2,150 B.C.,
which is 650 years before Moses came upon the scene around 1,500 B.C.
to receive the (Torah) or Pentateuch.

The numerical value of the Hebrew word Mazzaroth

Westminster's definition of Mazzaroth

Footnote 1 - The New Westminster Dictionary of the Bible page 599-600 ‘Mazzaroth’

Job 38:32

From Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible in the Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary,
Mazzaroth (maz’-za-roth) is connected to the comparisons of the following two words:
  1. mazzarah (He Resh Zayin Mem) M(ah)ZZ(aw)R(aw)H, maz-zaw-raw’; apparently from the Heb. nazar, naw-zar’, a primary root, to hold aloof, here specifically to set apart (to sacred purposes), i.e. devote – consecrate, separate, thus used here in the sense of distinction (only in the plural), perhaps collectively as the zodiac: Mazzaroth.

  2. mazzalah (He Lamed Zayin Mem) M(ah)ZZ(aw)L(aw)H, maz-zaw-law’; apparently from the Heb. nazal, naw-zal’, a primary root, to drip, or shed by trickling: distill, drop, flood, (cause to) flow(-ing), gushout, melt, pour (down), running water, stream, thus in the sense of raining; a constellation, i.e. Zodiacal sign (perhaps as affecting the weather); -- planet.

Muzaloth or Mazzaloth

   The Church rejected the Slavonic and Ethiopic Book of Enoch from its canon because of its vast antiquity could not coincide with the limit of the 4004 years B.C. assigned to the world ‘s creation. It presents Enoch’s translation into heaven from the first to the tenth.


    (Lamed Shin Mem) in Gen. 1:14 "the task of separating and ruling" (masal) are notably, also a divine role here. Note its similarity to Mazzala shown as one of the Hebrew root words for Mazzaroth.

To see Mazzaroth in his season as it relates to Genesis 1:14, 7:11 and 8:22.

To see Hodesh (new) moon as it relates to Genesis 7:11.

To see the connection between Manazil and Mazzaroth.

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