From The Alpha and the Omega - Chapter Six
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
" Chapter Six Overview "

Chapter Six - The Eleventh Day of Pisces 210 B.C. and Opposite Virgo.

The Signs of the Age,
the results of the Twelve Minor Prophets.
Nazarite, Essenes, Qumran and the signs of a new cycle.

Eleven is the Number
-- Parables and Visions
and the Eleven Disciples become Fishers of Men.

The History of the Old Roman Empire
and the Maccabean Revolt,
then comes the Sadducees, Pharisees and the Sanhedrin.

The New Covenant,
the rebuilding of the Second Temple,
the Eleventh Generation
-- Generations of Jesus Christ, his birth and lineage according to Luke and Matthew.

Star of Bethlehem and Coma Berenices.

The Chronology of the New Testament.
Fishers of Men and Parable of fishes - Apostles.

Chapter Six Section A

The Twelve Chosen Disciples.
The Four Gospels and Portraits of Christ;

Revelation One through Five the Six World Views.

Revelation One.
The Seven Church Ages as Seven Churches in Asia.
Only Eleven Disciples were sent out by Jesus
the beginning of the First and Second Persecutions.

Revelation Two.
The First Church - Ephesus - Apostolic - First Age 33-100 A.D.
Persecution - First Death of Christ to 75 A.D.,
Persecution - Second 75-96 A.D.
The Second Church - Smyrna - Caesars - Second Age 100-312 A.D.
Persecution - Third 98-117 A.D.,
Persecution - Fourth 109-163 A.D.,
Persecution - Fifth 163-200 A.D.,
Persecution - Sixth 201-235 A.D.,
Persecution - Seventh 235-249 A.D.,
Persecution - Eighth 249-257 A.D.,
Persecution - Ninth 257-284 A.D.,
Persecution - Tenth 284-305 A.D.
The Third Church - Pergamos - Constantine - Third Age 312-590 A.D.
The Roman Empire Divides 395 A.D.; West Falls in 476 A.D.
The Fourth Church - Thyatira - Middle (Dark) Ages Fourth Age 590-1517 A.D.

Revelation Three.
The Fifth Church - Sardis - Reformation - Fifth Age 1517-1750 A.D.
- Renaissance, Reformation and the Five Groups of Protestantism.
The Sixth Church - Philadelphia - Missionary - Sixth Age 1750-1925 A.D. -
Spiritualism, Industrial and Scientific Revolution, W.W.I, Zionism.
The Seventh Church - Laodicea - Apostate
- Seventh Age 1925 A.D. to the Tribulation and Apostate World
- Unity Movement, Ecumenical, Restoration, World Church, W.W.II
Seven Messages to the Seven Churches.
-- The Return of Israel
-- Astronomical references to the upcoming Age of Aquarius.

Revelation Four.
The Throne - Seven Lamps - Living Creatures - Action.

Revelation Five.
Seven Seals - Lion of the Tribe of Judah - Lamb.

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