From The Alpha and the Omega - Chapter One
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
"Genesis from an Ice Age "

    The Six Days of Creation occurred during the restoration from the Wurm III Glaciation period (Ice Age) beginning around 22,000 B.C. to 8,850 B.C. at which point order was restored to the earth which already existed before the restoration began.    The effects of the glaciation had dissipated before 10,000 B.C. to the conditions similar to what they are now.    The Elohim (God in Genesis 1) began Ďtheirí creation as a Glaciation restoration which is conceivable without leaving the bounds of rationality and without contradicting the Biblical text.    This leaves room for the existence before the restoration of dinosaurs and other species that may have evolved or were just destroyed in a previous world cataclysm!

Symbols of the Six Zodiacal Days of Creation

    The science of the stars has a specific key that unlocks the mysteries of man's being and material destiny.    This starry language is an ancient science, accurate in itís mathematical construction and perfect in geometric proportion.    This book is a chronological order of events occurring from Genesis to Revelation; Capricorn to Aquarius; the Alpha to the Omega; or in simpler terms the beginning and the end of a specific time period in man's history.    This section will touch on geological fact, scientific fact, astrological fact and some theory, in hope that we will discover that mystical link that binds the soul to the stars.


Circle Symbol of the Six Days of Creation

    Genesis, which is the Greek word meaning birth or beginning, speaks of a very slow restoration of order and biological equilibrium from a Supreme Being, referred as the work of the seven days of creation.

    Chapter One of this book was greatly influenced by a French author Photo of Jean Sendy and a reference to why in he/her book "The Moon: Outpost of the Gods" and also "The Coming of the Gods."    He/Her hypothesis on the possible beginning in Genesis was brilliantly designed as you will read in the following chapters where he/she is referenced.    He/Her works were presented in 1968 and 1970 just before the Space Race reached the Moon.    I do not personally promote he/her belief that ancient interstellar travelers came to the Earth to create Genesis or that they left an outpost on the Moon.    God is God and his angels are manifestations of Himself.    But I do agree with he/her evaluation of the creation from a Glaciation restoration.    He/Her proposals are conceivable without leaving the bounds of rationality and in most cases without contradicting the Biblical text.

    "There have been several Ice Ages the earliest known during the Pre-Cambrian period more than 600 million years ago.    The most recent ice age occurred in the Pleistocene Epoch about 1.75 million years ago and ended about 10,000 years ago.    The Tertiary Period, 3.5 million years ago was the beginning of the earth forming Glaciers but the world had been cooling down since about 65 million years ago.    Studies of the Wurm (Europe) and Wisconsin (North America) glaciations gave scientist some idea that a typical glaciation lasted about 40,000 years.    The last ice retreat began less than 20,000 years ago." - The World Book Encyclopedia "ICE AGE"

    The assumption is that this restoration may have had its beginnings during the Wurm III glaciation age of 22,000 B.C.    There will be an explanation of this later, but first a quick definition of the Grand Cycle of the Zodiac.    The amount of years in one zodiacal age is 2,160 years.    If one multiplies the symbolic figure 12, which is the number of zodiac signs, by 2,160 the product will be 25,920 years.     We are presently in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius that will not end till 4,110 A.D.    Now by adding the two-thousand years A.D. to the above figure 22,000 B.C. we end up with the round figure of 24,000 years placing us somewhere in the Age of Capricorn as a starting point.

    Part one will concern itself with these ages and will present evidence as to how each one plays a specific part in man's destiny.

    Could it be that the first six ages, (Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo and Leo), were the renowned six days of creation?    Then could it be that the following Age of Cancer occurring about 8,850 B.C. would be exemplar as the Fall of Adam and the coming of the Flood?    Continuing on into the Age of Gemini around 6,690 B.C. with Noah and the Fall of Babylon, which followed with Abram's metamorphous to Abraham and then came the bull-worshipping Pharaohs of Taurus in 4,530 B.C.    The next Age of Aries around 2,370 B.C. brought on the Exodus and the Old Testament of Moses to the civilized world.    This ended with the prophets of the Old and the New Testament rejoicing the upcoming Age of Pisces.    Jesus Christ appeared on earth 210 years after the age began and continued the New Testament through the Dark Ages all the way to the Renaissance.     The Renaissance gave birth to the Revelation of the "New Age" of Aquarius in 1950 A.D.    The Revelation begins the fulfillment of the long-time prophesied "time of secrecy."    The Age of Aquarius ends in the year 4,110 A.D.    Thus the complete cycle of the Zodiac will have run its course from beginning to end with the return of the Age of Capricorn.    Each one of these Ages is explained further with a comparison of the people, places, geology, astronomy, science, and history involved.

    "The oldest known dinosaur fossils come from animals that roamed the Earth 228 million years ago," say researchers who used chemical dating of volcanic ash to determine the age.    Raymond Rogers, a University of Chicago geologist said, "The dinosaur family already had evolved into different branches by this time."    A team led by University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno has recovered two types of dinosaurs from the Ischigualasto Basin in Argentina.    Last year, Sereno announced the discovery of Eoraptor (the size of a collie), and in 1988 his team found fossils of Herrerasaurus (18 feet long).    Both were primitive four-legged long-tailed carnivores." - 1991 Washington (Associated Press) "Members of the dinosaur family on Earth 228 million years ago"

    "In 1994 reports of fossils of a previously unknown dinosaur were found on an Antarctica mountainside 400 miles from the South Pole.    This suggests that the South pole was warm enough 200 million years ago (Jurassic period) to support a large meat-eating dinosaur, Cryolophosaurus ellito or frozen crested reptile.    The animal measured about 25 feet in length and stood about 12 feet high and is similar to the allosaurus.    The age of the animal was determined by geologists, who dated rocks found just above the fossils." May 8, 1994 Washington (Associated Press) "New dinosaur species unearthed at South Pole"

    On the shores of northeastern Spain were found in 1995 that Dinosaurs left the remains of perhaps 300,000 eggs (some eight inches across) in sandstone deposits which dated from their last days, the Upper Cretaceous period (73 million to 65 million years ago).

    This article came out on March 14, 2005 entitled "Clouds iced Earth?"
    Scientist, working with computer models of giant clouds in space, say a thick blanket of gas and dust may have blocked out the sun's radiation during Earth's distant past, triggering catastrophic ice ages that turned the planet into a gigantic snowball.
    "It would have to hit hard and suddenly," said University of Colorado astrobiologist Alexander Pavlov.    "It suppresses the heliosphere and moves so fast that the Earth does not have time to build the carbon dioxide it needs to defend itself.    The result is 100 percent glaciation."
    Pavlov said that although researchers had shown that the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was likely caused by a meteor hitting Earth and throwing up a gigantic cloud of dust and debris, "there are other dangers besides impacts."
    Reporting in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, Pavlov and several colleagues said the solar system inevitably passed through interstellar clouds composed mostly of hydrogen.

    The above article puts a little light on the subject that the earth did go through a cold period in its path around the galatic center, which means that the earth was as it said in Genesis 1:2 "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.    And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."    This will be seen on the next page as we explore the condition that the Elohim found the Earth and then began it's restoration.

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