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" Drawing - Zodiac of Denderah (Astronomy- New Book of Knowledge) "

   On the ceiling of the Denderah temple was carved a Zodiac, or Celestial Day, so remarkable that the original ceiling was removed and re-erected in Paris and a copy substituted. The Signs of the Zodiac portray a configuration of the stars about 90,000 B.C. for the astrological symbols according to the Precession of the Equinoxes denote the passage of three-and-a-half Great Years, each 25,800 years, so that ninety thousand years have elapsed since.

   It is interesting to note that in the Denderah Zodiac, Cassiopeia is called Set (This link added on March 21, 2004 will require a username and password to enter the Volume III subject), which means "Set up as a Queen," and is associated with the constellation Aries in that the priest in Egypt saw a star representing the coming of the Messiah or even Moses (Cassiopeia is above Aries, the Ram).

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    From the New Book of Knowledge page 470 - under astronomy here is a drawing copied from the Stone of Denderah, an ancient Egyptian sky map. It shows many familiar constellations, including those making up the Zodiac located along a (red) dotted-line circle.

I have discovered much significance of its symbols which will be seen later in
Capricornus (Star Chart) or Aquarius (Star Chart)
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