From The Alpha and the Omega - Chapter Eight
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
A Snap Shot of the Tribulation

The Beginning Of Sorrows

Phase One
Snap Shot Phase One - the Beginning of Sorrows

Phase Two
Snap Shot Phase Two - Revelation 7 and 14

The following three columns are flashbacks of history and events that led to the Judgments

Phase Three
Snap Shot Phase Three - Revelation 12, 13 and 17
Snap Shot Phase Three - Revelation 12, 13 and 17
   Return to the Star of Bethlehem and Coma Berenice, regarding Micah 5:3 "she which travaileth have brought forth," and "the remnant of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel," as it relates to Revelation 12 in Phase Three above.

   Go back to Revelation 13:1 in regard to the events of the World Trade organization (WTO).

   The Tribulation is distinctly "the time of Jacob’s trouble" Jer. 30:7. Its beginning is signalized by the setting up of the "abomination of desolation" seen in Matt. 24:15, Mark 13:14, Dan. 11:31, 12:11. Also in Dan. 12:1 "a time of trouble." To some the Seals are events of the ‘last week’ or ‘hebdomad’’ a group of seven in Dan. 9:23-27, where Seventy weeks are determined to finish and seal up the vision and anoint the most Holy.

The Beginning of the Judgments and the Great Tribulation

Phase Four
Snap Shot Phase Four - Revelation the beginning of the Judgments and the Great Tribulation


Phase Five
Snap Shot Phase Five - Revelation the Middle of the 3 1/2 Symbolic Years


Phase Six
Snap Shot Phase Six - Revelation Events that Occur in Heaven during the Tribulation

   As we ended on the Sixth Seal with the years 2011-2022 A.D., and one could see that Rev. 6:17 (e.g. 2017 A.D.) as "the great day of His wrath has come." At this point the evangelism preempted the opening of the Seventh Seal for the following Judgments of the Trumpets and Bowls of Wrath. The following table is food for thought only representing a sequence of years in groups of seven that correlate to the Revelation Judgments. This is just a scenario of possible years applied to just the final judgments. Please remember that God does not have to operate in a literal or chronological time, since He is beyond our concept of space and time.

The Beginning of the Judgments and the Great Tribulation
Cycle Years Angel 1-4

Cycle Years Angel 5-7

   Aquarius the constellation reaches the vernal equinox approximately around 2910 A.D. Others believe it to be about the year 2700. In the Star Chart for Aquarius the configurations of dates and star names are interesting, and if one adds one degree or 72 years from 1950 A.D. on it equals 2022, 2094, 2166, 2238, 2310. Specifically I would like you to notice that the top of the circle of stars of Pisces is shown at the year 2238 A.D. The age will end in the year 4110 A.D.

The Mill of Time -- Part One
Mill of Time - Part Two, another viewpoint of the connection to the dating of Aquarius

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