From The Alpha and the Omega - Chapter Eight
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
"Chapter Eight Overview "

Chapter Eight – Revelation 6 through 22
Chapter Eight the Twelfth Day of Aquarius
-- The Revelation with the Greek Translation--Chapter Six through Chapter Twenty-two.
A Foreword of Prophecy and the Six World Views of Revelation.
Rev. 6 -- A generation of baby boomers -- the first six seals
-- and its connection to the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Thessalonians.
Symbolism and The Tribulation.
Rev. 7 -- Four Angels -- Four Corners and Four Winds of the earth;
144,000 Evangelists; A Great Multitude (All Nations) ; Great Tribulation.
Rev. 8 -- Seventh Seal - Silence; Seven angels with Seven Trumpet.
First, Second, Third and Fourth Trumpet Judgments; Three Woes to Come. Salvation.
Rev. 9 -- First Woe of the Fifth Trumpet Judgment (The Description of the Locusts).
Second Woe of the Sixth Trumpet and the Release of the Four Angels;
The 200,000,000 Army; the Last Chance to Repent.
Rev. 10 -- An Open Book;
The unrevealed message and the Speculation of the Mystery of the Seven Thunders;
The Angel’s Oath; The Book Eaten. The New Creation.
Rev. 11 -- The Temple is Measured; the Two Witnesses; A Great Earthquake;
The Third Woe --The Final and Seventh Trumpet;
Temple of God opened and the Ark of his Testament was seen;
The Third Temple and the Ark of the Covenant -- Seven-branched Menorah.
The Shield of Israel or "Coat of Arms" shows two olive branches beside Israel’s Menorah.
Rev. 12 – A Woman with a Crown of 12 Stars and was in child birth;
A Great Red Dragon; Seven Heads, Ten Horns, Seven Crowns;
A Man Child to Rule all nations with a Rod of Iron; Flight into the Wilderness 1260 Days;
Michael the archangel - A War in Heaven; Triumph;
The Persecuted Woman -- Two Wings of a Great Eagle --Three and One Half.
Rev. 13 – The Beast from the Sea: Seven Heads, Ten Horns, Ten Crowns;
Leopard, Bear, Lion and Dragon; The Beast with the Wounded Head, and Lived;
Forty-two Months of War with the Saints; The Book of Life;
Another Beast with Two Horns like a Lamb, but spake as a Dragon;
False Prophet; The Second Best does Miracles; The Image of the Beast;
The Mark of the Beast 666 Man’s imitation of the Trinity of God. The Number of the Beast;
Other information on the Antichrist idea in Christian History;
My Assessment of the meaning of "The Number of the Beast" The Antichrist; a Beast to God.
Rev. 14 – 144,000 on Mount Zion with the Lamb; A New Song;
The Three Angels who preach;
The Son of Man with a Golden Crown and a sickle in His Hand comes sitting on a White Cloud;
Three more visions of Angels.
Rev. 15 – A Final Sign; The Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb;
The Heavenly Temple opens; The Throne of Mercy Becomes a Throne of Judgment.
Rev. 16 – Seven Vial or Bowl Judgments; Seven Angels and Seven Vials;
Three Spirits like Frogs; Armageddon;
"It is done" Final Wrath of God.
Rev. 17 – The Great Whore "Babylon"; The Mystery of the Beast;
The Woman and the Blood of the Saints;
The Beast that was, is not, and yet is; Seven Heads are Seven Mountains;
Seven Kingdoms, Five are in the past, One is at present, The other is yet to come;
The Eighth Head.
Rev. 18 – The Fall of Babylon; The Prophecy of Babylon in Jeremiah 50-51.
The Big Picture -- A Snap Shot of the Tribulation:
Daniel’s Prophecies -- Daniel on the End Time chapter 2, 7-12, with Revelation 6, 12, 13, and 17.
Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream and Daniel’s interpretation;
Four Great Beast;
First Beast;
Second Beast;
Third Beast;
The Four Heads of the Third Beast;
Biblical History;
Fourth Beast; Little Horn; "a time of special persecution"
The Fourth Beast was Slain;
Son of Man coming with Clouds of Heaven; end of the matter. Vision of the evening and the morning -- 2300 days .
This is a recap of how Daniel complies to the Seals of Revelation Six.
Ezekiel’s Prophecy
-- Ezekiel 38 a prophecy against Gog, who was kept for future use in the latter years;
A recap of the history of Russia.
Rev. 19 – Alleluia (Praise the Lord); for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth;
Marriage Supper of the Lamb; White Horse and Rider called Faithful and True;
The Word of God; King of Kings, and Lord of Lords;
The Twelve Letter Name of God; The Names of God; Supper of the great God;
Beast and the False Prophet thrown into the Lake of Fire.
Rev. 20 – The Dragon Bound for a Thousand Years before he could Deceive the Nations again;
That Old Serpent which is the Devil, and Satan; Millennial Reign and First Resurrection;
Doom of the Dragon; Final Judgment and the Great White Throne; The Second Death -- Lake of Fire;
Different Views of the Second Coming - The Meaning of the Millennium. The Judgments.
Rev. 21Twelve is the Number -- A New Heaven and a New Earth; New Jerusalem;
They Shall Be His New People
-- Tabernacle of God -- The New Temple; Shekinah Glory;
Speculative Kabbalism -- Four Worlds -- Shekinah -- Tree of Life - Heaven;
I Make All Things New; Alpha and Omega; Water of Life;
Second Death; Who will experience it; Lake which burneth with fire and brimstone;
Great City, the Holy Jerusalem from heaven -- New Paradise;
Twelve (Gates - Angels - Tribes - Foundations - Apostles);The City Measured
-- Twelve Thousands Furlongs; All Manner of Precious Stones (Twelve);
Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the New Temple;
Glory of God did lighten it and the Lamb is the New Light of it.
Heaven and becoming a Christian.
Rev. 22 – The Last Chapter
-- Twelve Crops of Fruit with a fresh Crop Each Month; the leaves are medicines for the nations;
Old Testament on the River, Trees, Fruit by Months, and leaf for Medicine;
Prophetic Promised Land; There shall be no more curse; They shall reign for ever and ever;
I come quickly; Worship only God; I am Alpha and Omega;
I am the root the offspring of David the bright and morning star;
Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
Chapter Eight section A -- Is the Revelation a combination of symbols of the constellations?
The Original 48 Constellations.
Alpha and Omega; Mazzaroth; Living Creatures;
The Hebrew Alphabet;
The Constellations of the Mazzaroth and the Revelation Connection;

The Last Word.
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