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VOLUME ONE - "The Alpha and the Omega"

Front Page - Foreword - Table of Contents - free to anyone to view.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/Introduction/FTPAGEB1.DOC updated 10/31/03, 6/1/07, 1/2/2014

Introduction - Constellations of the Zodiac, Mazzaroth, the Host of Heaven, Astronomy of the Bible, the Names of God, Big Bang, Religion, Science and Dark Matter - free to anyone to view.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/Introduction/Introbk1.doc updated 6/26/98

Genesis 1-5 Hebrew Translation - A study of the King James Version verses the Hebrew.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/Genesis/Gen1-5.doc updated 6/26/98
Genesis 6-9 Hebrew Translation - A study of the King James Version verses the Hebrew.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/Genesis/Gen6-11.doc updated 6/26/98

Insert Chapter One - 48 Main Constellations and the Six Days of Creation.
The Seven Days of the Week, The Gods of Men, Greek Mythology and the Constellations.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/InsertOne/Insertc1.doc updated 6/26/98
Chapter One - Genesis from an Ice Age -- Day One (Capricornus) through Day Six (Leo).
The mystery of the Sphinx, Pyramids of Giza, Zodiac of Denderah.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterOne/Bk1p1c1.doc updated 6/26/98

Sumerian Star Catalogue and Ur Calendar - Sumerian transliteration, Akkadian and English translation of stars and constellations of the original 48 of the 88 constellations.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/Sumer/SumerStar.doc updated 6/26/98

Insert Chapter Two - Cancer (Crab) and Capricornus (Goat).
Also includes Ursa Minor, Ursa Major, Argo Navis (Carina, Puppis, Pyxis and Vela),
Sagitta, Aquila and Delphinus.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/InsertTwo/Insertc2.doc updated 6/26/98
Chapter Two - Seventh Day of Rest, Adam and Eve, the Serpent's lies, and Enoch's translation, the other accounts of the Creation of Mankind and the Oncoming Flood.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterTwo/Bk1p1c2.doc updated 6/26/98

Insert Chapter Three - Gemini (Twins) and Sagittarius (Archer).
Also includes Lepus, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Lyra, Ara, Draco and Corona Australis.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/InsertThree/Insertc3.doc updated 6/26/98
Chapter Three - Eighth Day, Noah and the Oncoming Deluge, his descendants, Biblical Giants, Sumerian Annunaki verses the Biblical Anakim, Tower of Babel, Gilgamesh, Ningizzida, Nimrod and Abram's beginnings.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterThree/BK1P1C3.DOC updated 6/26/98

Table of Nations Genesis 10 Hebrew Translation - King James Version verses the Hebrew.
Where did we come from?  Who are we today? Includes Gen. 11:1-32 translation.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/Nations/NOAHTREE.DOC updated 6/26/98

Insert Chapter Four - Taurus (Bull) and Scorpius (Scorpion).
Also includes Pleiades, Orion, Auriga, Monoceros,
Ophiuchus, Serpends Caput or Cauda and Hercules.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/InsertFour/INSERTC4.DOC updated 6/26/98

Chapter Four - Ninth Day, Bull Worship, Sumerian Origins, the Warka Vase, Uruk or Erech
Osiris (Dionysus), the Lord of the Abyss, Dilmun and Flood Evidence, Early Calendars.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterFour/BK1P1C4.DOC updated 6/26/98
Chapter Four Section A - Pre-dynastic Egypt - kings or pharaohs.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterFour/Bk1p1c4a.doc updated 6/26/98
Chapter Four Section B - (King) Scorpion, the Bull (Apis) of Egypt
First Dynasty (3200 B.C. Protodynastic) to the Sixth Dynasty (2320 B.C. Old Kingdom) .

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterFour/Bk1p1c4b.doc updated 6/26/98
Chapter Four Section C - Genesis 11-24 Translation - King James Version verses Hebrew
- Abram the Hebrew and his unbarren wife Sarai in Egypt, the year of the birth of Ishmael
Sargon the Great, Canaanites, Melchizedek, Abram's posterity, the Sign of the Covenant,
Abram's transformation to Abraham, his barren wife Sarah, the year of the birth of Isaac
Cities of the Plain, Sodom and Gommorrah, the Names of Angels and Nature of Heaven.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterFour/BK1p1c4c.doc updated 7/31/98

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VOLUME TWO - "The Alpha and the Omega"

Insert Chapter Five - Aries (Ram) and Libra (Scales).
Also includes Cassiopeia, Eridanus, Perseus, Crux, Lupus, Corona Borealis
Age of the Prophets, the Promised Land, Sekhemet, Isis, Osiris and Horus.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/InsertFive/INSERTC5.DOC updated 8/8/98

Chapter Five - Tenth Day, Dawn of the Bronze Age 2,000 B.C. to the Iron Age 1,050 B.C.,
The Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, the end of the Book of Genesis.
The Akkadian Empire, Greek legend, Phoenicia and Tyre, Babylon,
Egyptian Dynasties of the Bronze Age, Moses Birth, Hammurabi's Law Code,
The Biblical Exodus and the Pharaoh Who Knew Not Joseph.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterFive/BK1P1C5.DOC updated 8/14/98
Chapter Five Section A - The Genealogy and Birth of Moses,
Ten Plagues in the Tenth Month on the Tenth Day by Ten Persons,
The Red Nile, the Exodus, the Red Sea, and the Ten Commandments,
The Promised Land, the Ark of the Covenant,
Jericho, the Conquest to the Kingdom, the period of the Judges, the United Monarchy,
The Ten Generations Jacob to David, the First Temple, the Ten Tribes that broke away,
The Divided Monarchy, the Exile, and the Major and Minor Prophets.
The Advent of the Messiah.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterFive/BK1P1C5A.DOC updated 8/14/98

Insert Chapter Six - Pisces (Fishes) and Virgo (Virgin).
Also includes Cetus, Andromeda, Cepheus, Coma Berenices, Centaurus, Bootes
Seleucid Astrology, Nabatean, Ephesus and Pergamum

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/InsertSix/INSERTC6.DOC updated 8/28/98

Chapter Six - Eleventh Day, Birth of Jesus Christ, Messiah.
Nazarite, Essenes, Qumran and the Signs of the Age,
The Old Roman Empire and the Maccabean Revolt,
The Sadducees and Pharisees, Sanhedrin, the rebuilding of the Second Temple
The Eleventh Generation, Star of Bethlehem, Birth of Jesus Christ, Eleven in the Parables and Visions, Eleven Disciples become Fishers of Men, the New Covenant or Testament

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterSix/BK1P1C6.DOC updated 9/4/98
Chapter Six Section A - The Church Age - Revelation One through Five.
The Early Seven Churches, the Seven Church Ages, the future Seven Churches
The Diaspora, the Return of Israel, Astronomy for the Age of Aquarius

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterSix/BK1P1C6A.DOC updated 9/4/98

Insert Chapter Seven - Aquarius (Water Bearer) and Leo (Lion).
Also includes Piscis Austrinus, Pegasus, Cygnus, Hydra, Crater, Corvus
What the State of Israel looked like since it's formation in 1948

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/InsertSeven/INSERTC7.DOC updated 9/7/98

Chapter Seven - Twelfth Day,
New World Order, New Age Movement, Time of Secrecy, and Tribulation.
History of Events by decades from 1950 to 1993

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterSeven/BK1P1C7.DOC updated 9/11/98
Chapter Seven Section A -
January 1994 to October 1994, The New World Order: (G-7) Great Seven, the Great Seal,
October 1994 to March 1995, European Union and the Great Seven, GATT to WTO Revelation 13:1, the 10 Regions of Free Trade under GATT - World Trade Organization (WTO), March 1995 to December 1995

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterSeven/BK1P1C7A.DOC updated 9/11/98
Chapter Seven Section B
The Third Temple, the Tribulation, the New World Order, the New Age Movement
New Age Prophecy and Predictions - critical review of Metaphysics, Hindu Yuga Cycles and the Age of the Earth, Astrology, Pole Shifts and the Great Pyramid.

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterSeven/BK1P1C7B.DOC updated 9/11/98
Chapter Seven Section C
New Age Prophecy and Predictions - critical review of the Hopi, Edgar Cayce, the Bible, Kabbalah, Babylonian Prophecy, Astrological Predictions, Maya Prophecy, Aztec Calendar Stone and New Age Prophecy

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterSeven/BK1P1C7C.DOC updated 9/11/98

Chapter Eight - Revelation Six through Twenty-two.
The Greek Translation with Six World Views and the Gospel Connection

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterEight/BK1P1C8.DOC updated 12/31/95
Chapter Eight Section A - Revelation Connection
Is the Revelation a combination of symbols of the constellations?

   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/ChapterEight/Bk1p1c8a.doc updated 10/31/03, 6/1/07

Recent News from 1996 on to date - from copyright.
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/AlphaOmega/News/News1996.doc updated 11/27/98

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VOLUME THREE - "The Alpha and the Omega"

New release of Volume III Online Access - Denderah Zodiac, Grand Temple, Esneh Connections -
   http://www.mazzaroth.com/VolumeIII/V300ZDindex.htm updated 6/9/03, website access only.

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