"The Alpha and the Omega"
Volumes I and II
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
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To begin your journey Highlights of this book are:

Star Charts representing the correlation of the
archetype symbol of the Zodiac (Mazzaroth) which is found in

Mazzaroth in the Holy Bible in Job 38:32

and continues with the connection to each of the Biblical Patriarchs in chronological history.

TOC Insert For Chapter One ... TOC Chapter One

The Six Symbols of Capricorn to Leo

Capricorn --- Sagittarius --- Scorpius --- Libra --- Virgo --- Leo

Zodiac images of Capricorn to Leo

Day One---Day Two---Day Three---Day Four---Day Five---Day Six

21810 B.C., 19650 B.C., 17490 B.C., 15330 B.C., 13170 B.C., 11010 B.C.

Explore Day one of Genesis from an Ice Age reversal through Day Six of the Creation.
Six Days of the Great Circle...of Past civilizations...
   ... From the Zodiac of Denderah    ...Drawing of the Zodiac of Denderah
...see the symbol of the beginning on the Zodiac of Denderah    ...Circle Symbol as seen on the Capricorn and Aquarius on the Zodiac of Denderah
... here for a larger view   ...Denderah's only Circle Symbol
... to the Sphinx of Pre-Dynastic Egypt.    ...Sphinx Image
      ...and it's connections to the Star Charts.

See why from God’s point of view that Mazzaroth is a throne for his purpose.
Modern-Classical image of God and the Devil

TOC Insert For Chapter Two ... TOC Chapter Two

Cancer Symbol...Seventh Day of Rest - Age of Cancer 8,850 B.C...   Zodiac image of Cancer
Zodiac of Denderah and modern view of Cancer

Star Chart of Cancer and opposite Capricornus

Here we find the earliest evidence for Adam (mankind as we know him today)
and the connection to the stars.

Here mankind lost Eden and spiritual innocence.

Review the Biblical information of the Giants
before and after the Flood (8,850 B.C. to 1,300 B.C.).
Then discover the connection of Sumerian Annunaki the "Great Ones,"
who once lived in heaven but were banished to earth
as compared to the biblical Giants (Anakim of Genesis).

On the Seventh Day, God told Noah to collect seven pairs of each animal,
seven days before the rain started,
then the Flood began on the Eighth Day (See The Black Sea Project).

TOC Insert For Chapter Three ... TOC Chapter Three

Gemini Symbol...Eighth Day of the Age of Gemini 6,690 B.C...Zodiac image of Gemini
Zodiac of Denderah and modern Gemini

Star Chart of Gemini and opposite Sagittarius

Noah the eighth person (generation) in 2 Peter 2:5 with eight persons saved on the Ark.

At this point mankind lost longevity.

Review the prophecy of Noah’s three sons of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10

The Table of Nations enlightens us to a connection with
Heth (Gen. 10:15 Canaan’s second son), which means "terror"
and the Emims in Gen. 14:5 in Shaveh Kiriathaim
whom the Moabites of Deut. 2:10, 11 called "Terrors."

At the end of this Age came the Tower of Babel,
which includes Nimrod, Gilgamesh, Ningizzida and Gudea.
If the serpent god Ningizzida or Ningishzida was the mother and wife of Dumuzi,
then the name Dumuzi-absu or Tammuz was the "child of the abyss,"
this may correspond to the mystery of Abaddon (Hebrew) or
Apollyon (Greek) entities of the Bible.

Review a table of the chronology of the Old Testament
from the creation to the Flood and from the Flood to Abram
as specified by the three accepted biblical accounts complying to this book’s concepts.

Discover the missing generation not shown in the KJV of the OT version of Gen. 11:10-14
or 1 Chronicles 1:17 but is shown in the NT version of Luke 3:36.
Proof that if one generation is missing then there could be more missing,
thus promoting why the assumed biblical date of 4,004 B.C. of Bishop Ussher for creation
is well short of the reality of the archaeological evidence presented.

TOC Insert For Chapter Four ... TOC Chapter Four

Taurus Symbol...Ninth Day or Age of Taurus 4,530 B.C...Zodiac image of Taurus
Zodiac of Denderah and modern Taurus

Star Chart of Taurus and opposite Scorpius
An Age of bull worship that became a period of confusion, or better known as "Babel."

Abram was the ninth generation from Noah’s son, Shem,
who was around in the same age with Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.
According to Scripture mankind lost a universal language
followed by great confusion, even loss of history occurred.
This loss of history has since created much controversy in the world of scholars.
Archaeology has only touched the tip of the iceberg of this history
as to Scorpio's affect on this age.

See why during Pre-dynastic Egypt there arose (a king) Scorpion (opposite of Taurus)
and a vague connection to the existence of Sargon
and how this correlates to evidence of Abram
and his posterity between 3800-2300 B.C.
also note that 2700-2200 B.C. represents the
Dynasty 3-6 of the Old Kingdom of Egypt and the age of the Pyramids

A special section on Abram’s transformation to Abraham

Review why Abram and Abraham
may have been two different individuals
or even the same individual whom existed in two places
in two different time periods
a thousand years apart.

This time variation is a feat easily accomplished by God,
but hardly comprehensible to the early writers of the KJV.

At the end of this age we can cite the destruction of the Cities of the Plain

And finally to review an interesting concept with the Geometry Of Heaven
from the One God which Abram promoted throughout the Fertile Cresent.

TOC Insert For Chapter Five ... TOC Chapter Five

Aries Symbol...Tenth Day of the Age of Aries 2,370 B.C...Zodiac image of Aries
Zodiac of Denderah and modern Aries

Star Chart of Aries and opposite Libra

This Age begins with Abraham’s posterity destined with a sacrifice
which caused God to set in motion a plan for salvation.

Also we find that the Dawn of the Bronze Age around 2200 B.C. presents
the fall of the Akkadian empire
and then the rise of Egyptian Dynasty 7 the First Intermediate Period
to Dynasty 30 the Persian Period.

During Dynasty 18 the Early New Kingdom 1500-1300 B.C. we clearly see
the astronomical connections in this Age with the genealogy
leading to the birth and life of Moses
and how the Ram worshipping Egyptian priests (scribes) had the ability to predict
the birth of a major biblical patriarch to within plus or minus three years.

See why the Tenth Age of Aries is definitely classified as the Tenth Day:
See how the modern nuclear drug testing incidents by the U.S. government
is connected to the Tenth Plague of the Exodus in Egypt.
As seen in Exodus 12:1-6 the Passover is on the Tenth Day,
The Passover requires Ten persons,
as an end result to defeat the Ten Gods of Egypt,
as this acknowledges that God does have a sense of humor.
Moses by way of divine intervention introduced the Ten Plagues
and the Ten Commandments,
at which point Judah was Ten generations from David (the stem of Jesse).

The First Temple was a product of David and then built by Solomon.
At the end of the age there was a rise of the Prophets of the Old Testament
regarding the advent of the Messiah.

TOC Insert For Chapter Six ... TOC Chapter Six

Pisces Symbol...Eleventh Day or Age of Pisces 210 B.C...Zodiac image of Pisces
Zodiac of Denderah and modern Pisces

Star Chart of Pisces and opposite Virgo

This Age shows the Second Temple
and all the astronomical connections of the "symbol of the Fish"
to the life of Jesus Christ and his relation to the "symbol of Virgo, the virgin".
Then look at the connection of the Star of Bethlehem to the constellations.

Luke’s genealogy shows from David (by way of Nathan) there were 11 groups of 5 verses
or 55 generations to Jesus Christ plus the three before Judah (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)
the total is 58.

Luke 3:25 begins with Naum the first generation of the Eleventh Age
leading to eleven generations to Jesus Christ.

The genealogy in Matthew 1:17 shows 3 groups of fourteen generations
or 42 from Abraham to the birth of Jesus.

See why these two values 58 and 42 leaves a variance of 16 which connects to
2 Peter 3:8, ""that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day,"
thus enveloping "The Church Age" and the oncoming persecutions that occur as
Revelation One through Five is revealed.
After the Eleven Disciples were sent out the Church Age began as Revelation One is opened
and the Seven Historical Church Ages ensue as projected from the Seven Churches in Asia.
Revelation Two - The First Church as in Ephesus,
the Apostolic or First Age from 33-100 A.D.
Revelation Two - The Second Church as in Smyrna, the Caesars or Second Age
with persecutions from 100-312 A.D. and as time passes we jump ahead to
Revelation Three - The Seventh Church as in Laodicea or the Apostate Seventh Age
which may have begun in 1925 A.D. and will continue to the Tribulation.
One can see in the parallelism of the Seven Churches in Asia,
which transformed into the Seven Church Ages,
which will also be found as Seven Churches in the last days.
At the end of this age the following three subjects are of great interest:
Diaspora and the The Return of Israel
Astronomical references to the upcoming Age of Aquarius.

TOC Insert For Chapter Seven ... TOC Chapter Seven

Aquarius Symbol...Twelfth Day our present Age of Aquarius 1,950 A.D...Zodiac image of Aquarius
Zodiac of Denderah and modern Aquarius

Star Chart of Aquarius and opposite Leo

See how all of the above leads to the New Age
and as one can view in a Middle East Map as an area of future conflicts in the world.

Included is an exhaustive review of the New Age and it’s older age connections,
and the rise of the Antichrist in the New Age:
Who is the beast with seven heads?
When did the beast come out of the sea?
What are the ten horns of the beast?

The prophecy of Noah's three sons will return to the chosen people
as the "end of the time of the Gentiles come to a close," will there be a Third Temple
as a final stage of the plan for Salvation
and the Second Coming of the Messiah in Aquarius?

What others predicted to be the beginning of the Tribulation
and what the Bible reveals in the astronomical events to occur in the tribulation period of
Revelation Six through Twenty-two.

TOC Chapter Eight
The Big Picture - A Snap Shot of the Tribulation.

See the connections of the mystery of the completion of the twelfth day.

Twelvth Day image of the Front Cover

Twelve is completeness.

Read this Synopsis to find out for yourself if Mazzaroth reveals it.

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