From The Alpha and the Omega - Volume III
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © July 20, 2002, all rights reserved
"Demo Volume III - Foreword From The Author"

Foreword From The Author

Photo of Jim A. Cornwell
 taken by Beau Tabor in 2003

    I have been researching and documenting a Volume III on "The Alpha and the Omega," since the release of Volumes I and II in 1995, and I have finally reached a point to create this new extension to the website.    Nearly a year has passed since I began physically creating the website for Volume III.    This work has been provided for you by God's grace, whom we should always worship for it, since it is all for His benefit.    If the words in this work bring one soul to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, then the years I have spent doing research have been worth it.

    If the "circle of 8 bound figures," seen on the Denderah Zodiac, is what I claim it to be and it is a symbol representing the beginning and end of a cycle of humanity, and does correlate to the Biblical sequence of events, then so be it.    For those of you who have read and understand the concept of the Mazzaroth promoted in Volumes I and II of The Alpha and the Omega, you will find Volume III to be an intriguing extension of my previous work.

    E. C. Krupp states that the images around the perimeter of the Denderah Zodiac are decan stars; however, nobody knows which ones are which stars.    As you will see in Volume III, I have managed to come close to translating and connecting all the Decans and constellations to the Egyptian figures.    I believe I have found the connections that explain what each of the 36 Decans images are and have found a key to other images from the Grand Temple and the Temple of Esneh.    I must admit that I had to teach myself Egyptian heiroglyphs and do not consider myself a professional interpreter.    I will gladly accept any input from anyone who has more valid information on the translations of some of these heiroglyphs seen on the Denderah Zodiac, Grand Temple, and at Esneh.    To get access to the research material is very difficult and time consuming, since much of it is collector items.    I hope that the information provided in this key will inspire someone to further discover its relevance to what the ancients were trying to convey.

    Also included as seen in the Table of Contents is a complete etymology in an introduction to the Mazzaroth (i.e. Zodiac monthly), the constellation names, the decan names, star names, and lunar mansion names as seen in the Sumerian, Akkadian, Canaanite, Hebrew, Babylonian, Egyptian, Coptic, Arabic, Greek, and Latin.    Also included is the validity of the connection of these names with the KJV (Bible), and comments from the works of Rolleston, Seiss, Santillana, Lockyer and Bullinger.

    Volume III can be accessed online only through purchasing via the order form found at the Book Order form.    Also be aware that the original website has many new files and webpage updates that were not part of the original manuscript release of Volumes I and II.    These previously updated files are presently viewable as Volume III Prelease updates; however any new releases from this date forward will require online access to connect to new updates.

    This page updated on June 27, 2003, and also June 18, 2005.

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