From The Alpha and the Omega - Insert Chapter Five
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved
" Mazzaroth -- Insert For Chapter Five - Aries and Opposite Libra "
shows the constellations of Aries in a Star Chart
and continues through to the constellations of Libra in a Star Chart.

At the end of the Age of Aries the Prophets arose
which brought forth the balance (or scales) of Libra.

It then encompasses the Greco-Roman Mythology for Aries through Libra.

A drawing here shows the Promised Land offered to Abraham,
which was partially controlled by Solomon, but has not been achieved to date.

See the statue of Sekhmet, the Goddess (Egypt), and her influence on this age.

View what the Egyptians knew as male and female gods.

The best-known version of the ancient Egyptian legend of Isis and Osiris.

See the Eye of Horus and the Two Crowns of Egypt.

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