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"Euro Coins and Paper Currency"
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   This page created on 5/23/98, is linked to Recent News of "EU-G7."
   The eight different coins, worth between 0.01 and two euros, will be struck with one European side and one national side. These coins will be equivalent to the amount of U.S. cents at the current rate of exchange.
   In France, coins worth one, two and five cents will carry the portrait of Marianne, the female symbol of the French republic -- a design of a woman in a bonnet that dates back to revolutionary times.
   One- and two-euro coins are to carry a tree of life and 12 stars. The other face, which will be common in euro countries, displaying the denomination next to a map showing Europe without borders. The one euro has a yellow rim with a white metal centre and the two euro a white rim around a yellow centre.
   On France's cent coins it has a symbolic tree surounded by a hexagon to represent the shape of France.

Euro Coins

Image and valueImage and valueImage and value
 1 cent  2 cents  5 cents
 10 cents  20 cents  50 cents
 1 Euro  2 Euros
Flag of the European Union
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Euro Paper Currency

Image and valueImage and value

 5 Euro

 5 Euro - Reverse

 10 Euro

 20 Euro

 50 Euro

 100 Euro

 200 Euro

 500 Euro

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