From The Alpha and the Omega - Volume III
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 12/15/1998, all rights reserved
"Ophiuchus: A Modern Dilemma"

    This information presents a connection seen earlier in the previous page regarding the ancient Egyptian Akhenaton, with modern proposals by astronomers, astrologers, gnostic and hermetic science groups to validate their positions in the New Age of Aquarius.
   As seen in the full length star chart below (scroll to the right to view it all) is the bright red outline of the very large constellation called Ophiuchus (oh-fee-U-kus), the Serpent Bearer.    As you can plainly see it is north of the bright green line, which represents the ecliptic, the path of the sun through the 12 archetype asterisms or constellations.

    Ophiuchus, a decan of Scorpius, does spend as much time with the sun on the ecliptic, as does Scorpius.    Both are on the same real estate.    The only difference is that Ophiuchus, is not in the natural southernly path of the 12 major constellations of the Zodiac like Scorpius.    Ophiuchus is well above this path and it would be very awkward to promote it as part of the natural universal precession or wave that the archetype twelve constellations have on their circuit along the ecliptic.    Can the time that Ophiuchus spends on the ecliptic determine or merit it to be called the thirteenth archetype constellation of the Zodiac?    If so, maybe we should count Virgo twice, since it is on the ecliptic the longest.    Therefore, Aries which does not even touch the ecliptic should not be counted at all.
    There has always been twelve archetype symbols or asterism, from prehistoric times well before the occult groups misunderstood them or modern science changed them.
    It is even clarified in the definition of the Zodiac.

The definition of the Zodiac

The Thirteen Zodiacal Constellations Defined By Astronomers,
as a result of the sun passing through Ophiuchus.

    In modern times names and groupings are only accepted by professional astronomers, if they have the approval of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).
    Modern astronomers define a constellation as a particular region of the sky, often enclosing the "figure" that may first have been noticed millennia ago.    These designated regions of the celestial sphere are like states or countries on a map; every portion of the sky is now said to belong within a particular constellation.    Because the constellations have been reconfigured in modern times, some stars and deep-sky objects that were once placed in one constellation are now in another.
    According to "The Audubon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky," published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. 1991-1992, which is a text book on astronomy.    This source never comments on the existence of thirteen constellations, nor makes mention of Ophiuchus as one of the twelve.    It does mention the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and it's role in astronomical naming standards, and does present the 88 constellations in a mapped format.
    Astronomers tried to settle this problem in 1930 when the International Astronomical Union (IAU) laid out the official constellation boundaries, and published a set of specifications.
   Thus the redrawing of the boundaries added a constellation to the zodiac, according only to the official modern constellation boundaries that all astronomers use.    Therefore initiating the claim that the sun passes through 13 constellations, instead of the original 12 archetypes.    This "thirteenth constellation" of the zodiac was declared to be Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, in the news in the late 1990's.

   The modern changing from twelve to thirteen is probably an innocent justification of an outdated system used by astrologers.    Although one could compare it to the level of the ancient Egyptians who for two thousand years when the equinox was in the age of Taurus, the Pharaohs worshipped the Apis Bull and at the rule of opposites the Pharaoh's wife wore a boldly erect scorpion on her headdress.    During this age the Egyptians lost the art of predicting the equinoctial floods, so their priest fell into idolatry.    They even considered the scorpion (Scorpius) as an unpleasant animal, so interned replaced it with the scarab beetle, which is one of the configurations of Cancer, the crab.    Of course this was justified in their minds, although the ancient text and the meaning of the words are still scorpion/ crab oriented.    As we all know eventually the story of Joseph and of Moses was a result of individuals that turned the Egyptians world around because they could no longer distinguish the original truth (the meaning of the twelve archetype symbols).
    Is modern science and the New Agers of Aquarius making the same mistake?    Those who prefer the goods of this world to spiritual research are lost.    We must learn to live with our past as it is, and not as we would like it to have been.

The Dilemma of the Horoscopes of the Astrologers

    Recent attempts by modern science in creating a "thirteenth" constellation of the Zodiac, the Ophiuchus, has created a great rift with modern astrologers, who if they accept it, could not justify why their charts are so out of alignment with the real world.
    Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, has the sun in front of its stars during the first half of December.    Also of interest is that one person in twenty is an "Ophiuchus."
    This creates quite a dilemma for the astrologer to explain why all the "Signs of the Zodiac" are off by about one month, resulting in inaccuracy of their horoscope charting.    As it will for anyone who uses it to forecast or predict the future in that manner.
    The "sun sign," system has been out of kilter for the past few thousand years.    Thus all those who believe they were born under a certain astrological sun sign, may not realize that it is not possible.    When the Babylonians chose the twelve equally spaced "signs," each 30 degrees wide, even then they only approximately coincided with the constellations as to views of astronomers today.
    As seen in the 1990's the sun, due to the precession of the equinoxes, has shifted to be two constellations off of its original position claimed by the Babylonian astrologers of 5th century B.C.
    This makes perfect sense to me, since God never intended the 12 archetype symbols or asterisms to be used for that purpose any way.

    The dates in the following table represent 1985 through 1992, and the dates can fluctuate by a day from year to year.    As you can see that even with the differences caused by the precession, the chronological time of the twelve archetype symbols or asterism still comply, with or without Ophiuchus.

Astrologer's Date
as to the
Horoscope Signs
Modern astronomer's
actual date the
sun is in the
real astronomical
of the zodiac
Actual date
on the
Meridian at
9:00 p.m.
Chronological Time
starting point
30 degree per each
CapricornusDec. 22-Jan. 19Jan. 19-Feb. 15Sep. 20 21,810 B.C.
SagitarriusNov. 22-Dec. 21Dec. 18-Jan. 18Aug. 2019,650 B.C.
OphiuchusN/ANov. 30-Dec. 17July 25 N/A
ScorpiusOct. 23-Nov. 21Nov. 23-Nov. 29July 20 17,490 B.C.
LibraSep. 23-Oct. 22Oct. 31-Nov. 22June 20 15,330 B.C.
VirgoAug. 23-Sep. 22Sep. 16-Oct. 30May 25 13,170 B.C.
LeoJuly 23-Aug. 22Aug. 10-Sep. 15Apr. 10 11,010 B.C.
CancerJune 21-July 22July 21-Aug. 9Mar. 15 8,850 B.C.
GeminiMay 21-June 20June 20-July 20Feb. 20 6,690 B.C.
TaurusApr. 20-May 20May 14-June 19Jan. 15 4,530 B.C.
AriesMar. 21-Apr. 19Apr. 19-May 13Dec. 10 2,370 B.C.
PiscesFeb. 19-Mar. 20Mar. 12- Apr. 18Nov. 10 210 B.C.
AquariusJan. 20-Feb. 18Feb. 16-Mar. 11Oct. 10 1,950 A.D. to
4,110 A.D.

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