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"FISA - Under Surveillance 2020 April-June"

FISA - Under Surveillance 2020 April-June
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4/1/2020 Rep. Jordan calls for DOJ inspector general to testify by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this Wednesday, March 11, 2020 file photo, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, speaks during a House Oversight Committee
hearing on preparedness for and response to the coronavirus outbreak on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
    Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has sounded the alarm over new revelations about FISA abuses by the Obama era FBI.    Jordan sent a letter to House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler this week, which urged him to call DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify.
    This came after Horowitz released another damning report, which stated he found problems in 29 applications for FISA warrants to spy on American citizens.
    Jordan has said Obama era FBI agents made procedural violations in obtaining surveillance warrants.    This included failing to verify every piece of evidence that was cited in FISA applications.
    “The best evidence it’s never going to stop is what happened two weeks ago.    They went to the intelligence community,…briefs Adam Schiff and others on Capitol Hill about this Russia trying to influence 2020 election.    Turns out what they told him was inaccurate, it was misrepresented.    The same thing they did to him in 2016, they’re trying to do again in 2020.” – Jim Jordan, U.S. Representative
    According to reports, the latest Horowitz report may derail the reauthorization of FISA, which was passed by Congress last month.

4/1/2020 DOJ Inspector General finds more problems with FBI FISA applications by OAN Newsroom
File – Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz tells a Senate committee about his
concerns over the FBI’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. (AP/Jacquelyn Martin)
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is under fire, once again, after the Office of the Inspector General found more problems in the bureau’s surveillance warrant applications.
    On Monday, Inspector General Michael Horowitz wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray to inform him the applications lack supporting documentation backing-up the claims made within them.
    These findings added to the Horowitz report, released late last year, which condemned the FBI for errors and omissions found in FISA applications looking into President Trump’s campaign staff. This occurred during special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.
    “And subsequent to that report, and this continues to this day, we are investigating those contacts,” said Horowitz.    We’ve issued a couple of public summaries, so far, about people we’ve found violated FBI policy.”
    The Inspector General’s Office found the additional errors when going through eight different FBI field offices, all of different sizes.    They examined 29 FISA applications between October 2014 and September 2019 that related to counterintelligence and counter surveillance.
    Horowitz and his staff found inconsistencies with the FBI’s Woods Procedures, which requires applications have additional documentation supporting their claims.
    On the FISA side we found, as you noted, a lack of documented testimony evidence about intentionality, but we also noted the lack of satisfactory explanations,” he stated.    “And, in fact, leave open the fact that for the reasons you indicated, it’s unclear what the motivations were.”
    Horowitz has recommended the FBI and oversight agencies review past and future accuracy reviews to identify patterns as well as trends to improve their policies and train agents against the errors.    He also recommended the bureau take inventory of all pending FISA applications and make sure they are following the Woods Procedures.
    The Inspector General’s Office has continued investigations expanding to oversight agencies, like the National Security Department, to see if the FBI is taking sufficient steps to address the issue.

4/5/2020 It is noted below that this is still being considered.
    Meanwhile, an investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption scandal may still be underway amid the coronavirus pandemic.    The Senate Homeland Security Committee recently announced it will move forward with the probe, despite infighting between Republicans and Democrats.
    The investigation centers on allegations Hunter Biden sought to leverage his role with a Ukrainian energy company while his father Joe Biden was vice president.
    “While the chairman is primarily focused on the once-in-a-generation crisis we’re experiencing, our oversight staff is continuing to push ahead with their work,” stated committee spokesman Austin Altenburg.    “Nothing has changed in our long-term plans for our investigations.”

4/12/2020 Assange fathered two children while holed up in embassy, lawyer says
FILE PHOTO: A supporter of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange posts a sign on the Woolwich Crown Court fence, ahead of a hearing to
decide whether Assange should be extradited to the United States, in London, Britain February 25, 2020. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls/File Photo
    LONDON (Reuters) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange fathered two children with a lawyer who was representing him while he was holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London fighting extradition, the lawyer told a British newspaper on Sunday.
    The Mail on Sunday said 37-year-old South African lawyer Stella Morris has been engaged to Assange since 2017.    The couple have two sons, aged 1 and 2, both conceived while Assange was in the embassy and kept secret from media covering his case and intelligence agencies monitoring his activity, the paper said.
    It showed pictures of Assange with a baby, identified as the older son, who it said had been smuggled into the embassy to meet him.    Both of the children are British citizens, it said.    Assange had watched the births on a video link.
    The Australian-born Assange was dragged out of the embassy last year after a seven-year standoff, and is now jailed in Britain fighting extradition to the United States on computer hacking and espionage charges.    His supporters say the U.S. case against him is political and he cannot receive a fair trial.
    Morris said she had chosen to speak out now because she was worried about his susceptibility to the coronavirus in jail.
    “I love Julian deeply and I am looking forward to marrying him,” the paper quoted her as saying.
    “Over the past five years I have discovered that love makes the most intolerable circumstances seem bearable but this is different – I am now terrified I will not see him alive again.”
(Reporting by Peter Graff; Editing by Frances Kerry)

4/16/2020 Judicial Watch subpoenas Google in Clinton email lawsuit by OAN Newsroom
FILE – This Tuesday, July 19, 2016, file photo shows the Google logo at the
company’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)
    Judicial Watch revealed it has subpoenaed Google as the latest move into its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s missing government emails.    The watchdog group confirmed it served the subpoena against the tech giant Wednesday after receiving authorization by a D.C. federal court.
    That subpoena called on Google to produce all of Clinton’s records from a company-owned account believed to contain the former secretary of state’s emails.    IT specialist Paul Combetta from the Denver-based Platte River Networks used that Google account to transfer Clinton’s emails from a laptop to a private network server and then used software to remove all traces of those records from the device.
    “Because you may remember that one of her vendors, I think it was Paul Combetta, sent (according to the reports) all her emails to a Google email account,” explained Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.    “So the judge says, ‘well ya know, maybe there are emails over there, go subpoena Google,’ so, we’re gonna find out.”
    Specifically, the subpoena seeks access to all of Clinton’s emails from her time at the State Department between 2009 and 2013.    Fitton said the federal court authorized the subpoena as it was “tired of the state and Justice Department’s gamesmanship.”
    This is just the latest update on the group’s investigation, which seeks records and related-documents concerning talking points and updates on the Benghazi attack.    While it remains unclear whether Google will actually comply with the subpoena, the tech giant has until May 13 to produce the emails.

4/17/2020 Investigation into Steele dossier continues, Republican senators demand intel docs on ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ by OAN Newsroom
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is pictued. (Andrew Harnik/ AP Photo)
    The infamous report filled with anonymous sources that alleged President Trump colluded with Russian operatives during the 2016 election, otherwise known as the Steele dossier, was backed and paid for by the Clinton campaign.
    After three-plus years of investigating, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Minn.) are demanding answers.
    In a recent letter to to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the two Republican chairman requested that Wray turn over all intelligence documents that led the probe in to the Trump campaign — otherwise code-named as “Crossfire Hurricane.”
    The request came after revelations indicating that the FBI was aware of Russian operatives feeding disinformation to the lap of ex-spy Christopher Steele.
    If you have watched any interview of former FBI Director James Comey and his successor Andrew McCabe dating back to 2018, there is no mention of this inkling of information.    Instead, they flocked to hear say.
    “I’m about to talk with him about allegations that he was involved with prostitutes in Moscow, and that the Russians taped it and have leverage over him,” said Comey.
File- Former FBI Director James Comey is pictured. (Alex Brandon/AP Photo)
    Or they boasted of “such sources.”    When told that it was not intended to be a definitive document, McCabe said, “you’re absolutely right…it is raw source reporting… Steele presented it as such, we knew Steele was working a number of different sources, some of which had sub sources and sub-sub sources.”
    Sen. Grassley and Sen. Johnson relayed their concerns by noting their disturbance by the “grossly inaccurate” statements made by those in charge.    The pair of Republican lawmakers said Wray has until the end of April to send over what could be damning information.
[Lets see which side FBI Director Chris Wray is on.    Either the Trump administration or the DEEP STATE, who brought him in 2017 after Comey was fired, and recently has stalled on some of the investigations by Trump's people.    So maybe now we will start getting the truth.].

4/23/2020 Report: U.S. attorney Durham adding members to Russia probe team by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this April 25, 2006, file photo, John Durham speaks to reporters on the
steps of U.S. District Court in New Haven, Conn. (AP Photo/Bob Child, File)
    U.S. Attorney John Durham has added new members to his team amid his probe into the origins of the Russia investigation.    According to reports, Durham recently recruited new team members, including Violent Crimes and Narcotics Trafficking Section Chief Anthony Scarpelli and FBI agents.
    Durham also reportedly requested witness information in both March and April.
    This came after Attorney General William Barr this week said he didn’t expect indictments to conflict with the upcoming election.
    “You don’t indict candidates, or perhaps someone that’s sufficiently close to a candidate,…within a certain number of days before an election,” explained Barr.    “I don’t think any of the people whose actions are under review by Durham fall into that category.”
    He went on to say the end of the probe could be pushed into late summer due to the ongoing pandemic.

4/25/2020 Rep. Schiff stonewalling release of witness testimonies by OAN Newsroom
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., listens at a news conference with Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
    Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) appears to be blocking the release of witness transcripts related to the Russia probe.    Reports emerged earlier this week, suggesting the House Intel Committee chairman has repeatedly denied requests to release the documents, despite a unanimous 2018 vote by the panel to make that information public.
    Schiff has allegedly objected to the White House’s requests to review several of the documents for classified information before release, but has also refused to release those that have already been declassified.
    Commenting on the delay, GOP Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) implied the real reason for Schiff’s refusal was an unwillingness to expose mischaracterizations of evidence carried out by Democrats during the probe.
    “Well, I think it’s pretty easy,” said Nunes.    “The Democrats don’t want these transcripts out because they are not good for them.”
    He has called on Schiff to release the transcripts of some 50 witness interviewed during the investigation into allegations that President Trump had colluded with the Russian government to win the presidency.
Ranking Member Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., questions Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire as he testifies
before the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
    When Nunes was chairman, the Intel Committee voted for the release of the transcripts more than 18 months ago.    During that time, they have languished in the Office of National Intelligence for a classification review, with subsequent instructions from Schiff that the transcripts were not to be released under any circumstances.    Schiff did not notify any Republicans on the committee when the review was complete.
    “As a matter of fact, they would have already leaked them if they were good for them.    There is roughly 60 transcripts or so.    They should all be made public and they are not being made public, largely (because) there’s a lot of Obama administration folks who are in there.    They need to be released.    It definitely would create, let’s say, a starting point, at which you would have a very well known official who then later said different things.    That would be helpful to get out.” – Devin Nunes, U.S. Representative
    The transcripts are from interviews with former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Deputy Attorney General Sally, in addition to Trump campaign and administration associates Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Hope Hicks.    These, along with others’ important testimonies, would provide crucial transparency into the Russian collusion investigation.
    “I think the real use of them being out in the public is for full transparency: Let all the people who are following this case really closely compare what they said behind closed doors to what they had said previously, what they have said since then,” stated Nunes.    “That would be of some value for the American people.”
President Donald Trump arrives to speak about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing
Room of the White House, Wednesday, April 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
    Nunes has also called for the release of interview transcripts of former Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who continues to be the subject of an investigation by GOP members of the Intelligence Committee.
    “The American people pay for us to be here,” added Nunes.    “There’s no reason for that information to be classified and be hiding behind the dungeon of the Capitol.”
[Schiff has been the front man since the beginning to block or downplay all these efforts and it is obvious he is being controlled by the Globalist, DEEP STATE and the Washington Swamp which needs to be cleaned out or drained to expose all of them.].

4/27/2020 Coronavirus forces delay in U.S. extradition case against Assange
FILE PHOTO: WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange leaves Westminster Magistrates Court in London, Britain January 13, 2020. REUTERS/Simon Dawson
    LONDON (Reuters) – Hearings in the U.S. extradition case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will not go ahead next month as scheduled because of the coronavirus lockdown which prevents lawyers from attending court, a British judge decided on Monday.
    The 48-year-old is held at London’s Belmarsh Prison where he is fighting a request by the United States to send him to stand trial for conspiring to hack government computers and espionage.
    Assange was dragged from the Ecuador embassy in London last year after a seven-year stand-off.    He says he could spend decades in prison if convicted, and calls the case against him political and a threat to free speech.    The United States says he put the lives of informants in danger by publishing secrets.
    In February, hearings took place for a week and the case was adjourned until May 18 for a further three weeks of arguments.    However, in the meantime, Britain imposed restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus, which have made it difficult to hold normal court proceedings.
    Judge Vanessa Baraitser told a hearing held by conference call on Monday that the case could not be argued properly as long as lawyers were unable to appear in person.
    “Remote attendance by the parties in this case will not be appropriate.    Mr Assange and the lawyers on both sides will need to be physically present in the courtroom,” she said.
    She adjourned the case until May 4 when a new date will be fixed, noting that the Woolwich Crown Court where hearings last took place had availability for a three-week period only in November. Lawyers for both sides agreed to the delay.
    Assange’s lawyers say the coronavirus lockdown in the prison makes it impossible for them to meet their client.    Lawyer Edward Fitzgerald told the judge his legal team had been unable to speak to Assange for a month, bar a few short phone calls.
    The judge said it was up to the prison to make such conversations possible.
    To highlight the difficulty of holding the case remotely, much of Monday’s hearing was inaudible to journalists who dialled in to listen via a conference call, leading to a court clerk having to repeat Fitzgerald’s arguments word by word.
    Assange and WikiLeaks enraged the U.S. government a decade ago by publishing thousands of secret U.S. documents.
    Assange’s supporters see him as a champion of free speech exposing abuses of power and hypocrisy by Washington.
    The U.S. authorities say he is wanted not because he embarrassed them but because he endangered informants, dissidents and rights activists in countries including Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan by illegal actions.
(Reporting by Michael Holden; Editing by Kate Holton and Peter Graff)

4/30/2020 President Trump on Gen. Michael Flynn, Roger Stone by OAN Newsroom
Photo of Michael Flynn. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
    President Trump has responded to new evidence brought to light involving General Michael Flynn.    On Thursday, the president claimed Flynn was a victim of “dirty, filthy” police work and that the new evidence suggests “total exoneration.”
    “He’s in the process of being exonerated,” he said.    “If you look at those notes from yesterday, that was total exoneration.”
    He added the general is a fine man who was tormented and treated like nobody should be.
    “Right at the beginning of the administration, the dirty cops came in,” stated President Trump.    “They were out to get him, this is terrible.”
    His remarks referred to newly unsealed documents, which showed possible FBI misconduct during their interrogation of General Flynn during the Russia probe.
[My comments: CROSSFIRE RAZOR: The filings indicate that by Jan. 4, 2017, the FBI had drafted a document summarizing findings on a probe — code-named “Crossfire Razor” — of whether Flynn had been acting as a Russian agent during the 2016 campaign.    The partly redacted document seen above, which was included in the court filings, indicated the FBI had no “derogatory” information on Flynn and was prepared to close the case.    “Hey, don’t close RAZOR,” FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok wrote to an agent whose name is redacted but is identified in the conversation as the official case agent.    He adds, “7th floor involved,” a reference to the highest echelons of FBI leadership.]
    Moving forward, the president has said he’s sure the former national security adviser will come back “bigger and better” than ever before.
Roger Stone leaves the federal court Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
    President Trump also noted the double standard employed by Democrats regarding Roger Stone.    He tweeted, “Does anybody really believe that Stone, a man whose house was raided by 29 gun toting FBI agents with fake news CNN closely in toe, was treated fairly?
    He also slammed “the jury forewoman” in Stone’s trial for “her unannounced hatred and bias” against the administration. According to the president, these were the “same scammers” who targeted General Michael Flynn.
    Lawyers for Roger Stone are planning to appeal his sentencing.    On Thursday, Stone’s legal team announced they intend to appeal a judge’s decision to deny the former adviser a new trial.
    They argued one of the jurors was biased, based on political beliefs she expressed on social media during the trial, and contend that bias tainted the jury.
    The president has also suggested he may issue a pardon for Stone.

5/1/2020 President Trump: I would certainly consider bringing Flynn back into White House by OAN Newsroom
Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn leaves federal courthouse in Washington,
Tuesday, July 10, 2018, following a status hearing. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
    General Michael Flynn may be welcomed back to the White House.    President Trump said Thursday he would certainly consider bringing Flynn back into his administration.
    Flynn served as the president’s first national security adviser.    He later pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the Russia investigation.    However, the president said he expects Flynn will now be exonerated.
    “But I think he’ll be fully exonerated one way or the other,” he stated.    “And so certainly he’d be capable of coming back, he suffered greatly.”
    President Trump was also asked if he would pardon Flynn.    He said he doesn’t think he will need to because he believes an exoneration is imminent.
    One America’s Salina Arredondo has the latest regarding evidence in the case surrounding Flynn.

5/4/2020 In the latest news I am hearing that Donald Trump is beginning to dislike FBI Director Christopher Wray
    I heard today that President Donald Trump is beginning to dislike Cristopher Wray and I think he is right.    As you can see from the images and information below is what I wrote on my 2018 FISA page and it was then that I suspected that when Prestap stepped down and it was obvious that the DEEP STATE brought Wray in to control the data and investigations and since then he has been involved in covering up any pertinent information and has been known to stall on releasing information.
    As you can see in the images below all have been fired or quit or demoted when Trump took office, except one seen below:

Christopher Asher Wray, seen in the image above an American lawyer serving as the eighth and current Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation since 2017.    From 2003 to 2005 Wray served as Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division in the George W. Bush Administration.    Wray was Assistant Attorney General from 2003 to 2005, working under Deputy Attorney General James Comey.    From 2005 to 2017 he was a litigation partner with the law firm King & Spalding.
    On June 7, 2017, President Donald Trump announced his intention to nominate Wray to be the next Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, replacing James Comey, who was dismissed by Trump on May 9, 2017.    Trump interviewed Wray for the vacant FBI Director job on May 30, 2017, according to then Press Secretary Sean Spicer.    Wray's Senate confirmation hearing commenced on July 12, 2017.    Among other testimony, when asked if he believed that the investigation into Russian election interference and possible links to Trump's campaign is a "witch hunt," he stated that he did not.
On July 20, 2017, the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously recommended to confirm Wray as the next Director of the FBI. Wray was officially confirmed by the Senate with bipartisan support on August 1, 2017; the vote was 92–5. He was sworn in by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a private ceremony on August 2, 2017. Wray was formally sworn in on September 28, 2017, in a ceremony that was not attended by President Trump, marking the first time an FBI director has been sworn in without the President who nominated him present at the ceremony.
    On February 13, 2018, in a hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Senator Marco Rubio [R-FL] asked Wray about the risk posed from Chinese students in advanced science and mathematics programs.    In response, Wray stated "nontraditional collectors" (which he elaborated to include professors, scientists, and students) are "exploiting the very open research and development environment that we have" and consequently he viewed the risk "as not just a whole of government threat but a whole of society threat."    Representatives Judy Chu [D-CA], Ted Lieu [D-CA], and Grace Meng [D-NY] released statements criticizing Wray's response as "irresponsible generalizations" implying that all Chinese students and scholars were spies.    A coalition of Asian American advocacy groups wrote an open letter to Wray asking for a dialogue "to discuss how well-intentioned public policies might nonetheless lead to troubling issues of potential bias, racial profiling, and wrongful prosecution."    In a follow-up interview with NBC, Wray stood by his earlier remarks, elaborating that "To be clear, we do not open investigations based on race, or ethnicity, or national origin. But when we open investigations into economic espionage, time and time again, they keep leading back to China."
12/21/2018 U.S., allies slam China for economic espionage, spies indicted by Diane Bartz and Jack Stubbs.    “No country poses a broader, more severe long-term threat to our nation’s economy and cyber infrastructure than China,” FBI Director Chris Wray said at a news conference.    “China’s goal, simply put, is to replace the U.S. as the world’s leading superpower, and they’re using illegal methods to get there.”

Edward William Priestap, also known as Bill Priestap, an American attorney and intelligence official, and since 2015, he has been the assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division.
    Priestap joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1998, and he was appointed as assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division in 2015.
    In June 2017, Priestap told the PBS NewsHour program that Russian intelligence "used fake news and propaganda and they also used online amplifiers to spread the information to as many people as possible" during the 2016 United States presidential election.
    In the Nunes memo, released in February 2018, Priestap suggests the Trump–Russia dossier had not been completely investigated prior to their application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil Carter Page, former foreign policy adviser in Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential campaign.
    To continue this it was obvious Priestap was made to step down and as we have learned recently he was the one who questioned everyone on Project Razor as seen in the above image which should enrage every person in this country.
[My comments: Recent events in Gen Flynn's initial defense law firm that advised him to take the plea deal in order to avoid his son being dragged through the mud made it sound like they’d found a handful of emails and handwritten notes they’d failed to turn over last June when Flynn fired them and retained Sidney Powell as his new attorney.    The handful of documents turned to be at least 7,000.    So a new search for this entity Joe Pianka is the misspelled name of FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka who may be now cooperating with John Durham investigation and may have been transferred to San Francisco to hide him which is Nancy Pelosi's territory.
    Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Mike Johnson, R-La., on Monday demanded that FBI Director Christopher Wray provide a slew of information after last week's bombshell revelations in the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn -- and the lawmakers are specifically seeking to question a mysterious FBI agent, Joe Pientka, who participated in the January 2017 White House interview that led to Flynn's prosecution.
    Fox News has previously determined that Pientka was also intimately involved in the probe of former Trump aide Carter Page, which the DOJ has since acknowledged was riddled with fundamental errors and premised on a discredited dossier that the bureau was told could be part of a Russian disinformation campaign.
    Pientka was conspicuously removed from the FBI's website after Fox News contacted the FBI about his extensive role in Crossfire Hurricane Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) matters -- a change first noticed by Twitter user Techno Fog -- but sources say Pientka remains in a senior role at the agency's San Francisco field office

5/4/2020 Rep. Jordan questions timing of Sen. Schumer’s remarks’ about intel officials during Flynn investigation by OAN Newsroom
In this image from video, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, speaks on the floor of the House of Representatives
at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Thursday, April 23, 2020. (House Television via AP)
    Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has raised concerns over the timing of key dates during General Michael Flynn’s investigation.
    During an interview Sunday, he brought attention to a January 2017 interview where Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said intelligence officials have ways of “getting back at you” if you anger them.
    This comment from Schumer came just one day before the FBI stopped the bureau from closing its investigation into General Flynn.
    Flynn’s lawyers have argued he was treated unfairly.    They cited newly unsealed documents, which reveal handwritten notes from FBI officials.
    “You take on the Intelligence Community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at ya, so even for a practical, sometimes hard-nosed business man he’s being really dumb to do this,” Schumer stated.    “What do you think the Intelligence Community would do?    I don’t know, but I know they are very upset with the way he has talked about them.”
    Jordan believes Schumer’s comments serve as further evidence that intelligence officials were “out to get the president” and they were willing to do “whatever it took to get him,” ‘including going after Flynn.

5/7/2020 Justice Dept. drops case against Gen. Michael Flynn by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this Sept. 10, 2019 file photo, Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security
adviser, leaves the federal court following a status conference in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
    On Thursday, the Justice Department announced it has dropped its case against General Michael Flynn.    The decision to abandon the criminal prosecution of President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser reportedly followed “newly discovered and disclosed information” regarding the case.
    According to the agency, after reviewing all the facts and circumstances surround the case, it concluded the 2017 interview between the FBI and Flynn was unjustified.    The department added it was conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.
    This came after U.S. attorney Jeff Jensen recommended the DOJ drop the case against Flynn.
    “Through the course of my review of General Flynn’s case, I concluded the proper and just course was to dismiss the case,” stated Jensen.    “I briefed Attorney General Barr on my findings, advised him on these conclusions, and he agreed.”
    The former adviser pleaded guilty in 2017 for lying to FBI investigators during the Mueller probe.    However, recent documents revealed possible misconduct by the FBI and its handling of an interview with Flynn at the time.
President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting about the coronavirus response with Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas,
in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, May 7, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
    President Trump welcomed the Justice Department’s decision to drop the criminal case against General Michael Flynn.    While speaking to reporters, the president called Flynn an innocent man wrongly accused by the “Obama FBI” for political reasons.
    “He was targeted by the Obama administration…in order to try and take down a president,” he said.
    President Trump has said political biases in the U.S. government must be eradicated.
    "They are scum, and I say it a lot.    This should never have happened in this country.    They went after him by going after fine people.    Those fine people said, ‘No, I’m not going to lie, I can’t lie.’    He’s not the only one.    There are many of them.” – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States
    The president went on to say the perpetrators of the “Russia hoax” must pay a hefty price for trying to ruin the lives of innocent people.

5/7/2020 Attorney General Barr: ‘A crime cannot be established’ against Flynn by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this April 1, 2020, file photo, Attorney General William Barr speaks about the coronavirus
in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)
    Attorney General William Barr came to the Justice Department’s defense Thursday after the agency dismissed the case against General Michael Flynn.    During an interview, he said it was his “duty” to drop the charges and added he wanted to “restore confidence in the system.”
    Barr reaffirmed the move was not at the president’s request, but rather the “law’s bidding.”
    Despite Flynn pleading guilty back in 2017 for lying to the FBI, the attorney general claimed his actions were “not a crime.”
    “Well, you know, people sometimes plead to things that turn out not to be crimes,” explained Barr.    “The Department of Justice is not persuaded that this was material to any legitimate counter intelligence investigation, so it was not a crime.”
    He also clarified the dismissal would not impact the Russia investigation and said the Justice Department will continue to investigate other aspects of the probe.

    The following was found at
5/7/2020 Justice Dept dropping Flynn's criminal case after FBI notes revealed. The move is a stunning reversal for one of the signature cases brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department on Thursday said it is dropping the criminal case against President Donald Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, abandoning a prosecution that became a rallying cry for Trump and his supporters in attacking the FBI's Russia investigation.
    The move is a stunning reversal for one of the signature cases brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.    It comes even though prosecutors for the last three years had maintained that Flynn had lied to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in a January 2017 interview.    Flynn himself admitted as much, and became a key cooperator for Mueller as he investigated ties between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign.    In court documents being filed Thursday, the Justice Department said it is dropping the case “after a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information.”    The documents were obtained by The Associated Press.
    The Justice Department said it had concluded that Flynn’s interview by the FBI was “untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn” and that the interview on January 24, 2017 was “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”
    The U.S. attorney reviewing the Flynn case, Jeff Jensen, recommended the move to Attorney General William Barr last week and formalized the recommendation in a document this week.
    “Through the course of my review of General Flynn’s case, I concluded the proper and just course was to dismiss the case,” Jensen said in a statement.    “I briefed Attorney General Barr on my findings, advised him on these conclusions, and he agreed.”
    The decision is certain to be embraced by Trump, who has relentlessly tweeted about the case and last week pronounced Flynn “exonerated,” and energize supporters who have taken up the retired Army lieutenant general as something of a cause celebre.    But it may also add to Democratic concerns that Attorney General William Barr is excessively loyal to the president, and could be a distraction for a Justice Department that for months has sought to focus on crimes arising from the coronavirus.
    The Justice Department’s action comes amid an internal review into the handling of the case and an aggressive effort by Flynn’s lawyers to challenge the basis for the prosecution.    The lawyers cited newly disclosed FBI emails and notes last week to allege that Flynn was entrapped into lying when agents interviewed him at the White House days after Trump’s inauguration.    Though none of the documents appeared to undercut the central allegation that Flynn had lied to the FBI.
    The decision is the latest dramatic turn in a years-old case full of twists and turns.    In recent months, his attorneys have leveled a series of allegations about the FBI’s actions and asked to withdraw his guilty plea.    A judge has rejected most of the claims and not ruled on others, including the bid to revoke the plea.
    The decision comes as Barr has increasingly challenged the Russia investigation, saying in a television interview last month that it was started “without any basis.”    In February, he overruled a decision by prosecutors in the Roger Stone case in favor of a more lenient recommended sentence for the longtime Trump friend.
    Earlier this year, he appointed Jensen, of St. Louis, to investigate the handling of Flynn’s case.    As part of that process, the Justice Department produced to Flynn’s attorneys a series of emails and notes, including one handwritten note from a senior FBI official that mapped out internal deliberations about the purpose of the Flynn interview: “What’s our goal?    Truth/admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?” the official wrote.
    Other documents show that the FBI had been prepared weeks before its interview of Flynn to drop its investigation into whether he was acting at the direction of Russia.    Later that month, though, as the White House insisted that Flynn had never discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, FBI officials grew alarmed by Flynn’s conversations with the diplomat and what he had communicated to the White House.    The investigation remained open, and agents went to visit him in the White House on Jan. 24, 2017.
    Justice Department officials visited the White House two days later to warn officials that they feared that Flynn was compromised and vulnerable to blackmail by Russia because of his account of what was said on the call.    White House officials waited several weeks to oust him from the job, saying they’d concluded that Flynn had lied to them.    Flynn pleaded guilty that December, becoming among the first of the president’s aides to admit guilt in Mueller’s investigation.    He acknowledged that he lied about his conversations with Kislyak, in which he encourage Russia not to retaliate against the U.S. for sanctions imposed by the Obama administration over election interference.    He provided such extensive cooperation that prosecutors said he was entitled to a sentence of probation instead of prison.    As it turned out, that sentencing hearing was abruptly cut short after Flynn, facing a stern rebuke from U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, asked to be able to continue cooperating and earn credit toward a more lenient sentence.    Flynn’s misgivings about the case were already on display when his then-attorneys pointedly noted in their sentencing memo that the FBI had not warned him that it was against the law to lie when they interviewed him at the White House in January 2017.    Since then, though, he has hired new attorneys — including Sidney Powell, a conservative commentator and outspoken critic of Mueller’s investigation — who have taken a far more confrontational stance to the government.    The lawyers have accused prosecutors of withholding documents and evidence they said was favorable to the case and repeatedly noted that one of the two agents who interviewed Flynn was fired from the FBI for having sent derogatory text messages about Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

    The following images were on Fox News “Hannity’s” show.
    As most of us already knew it was a Witch Hunt from the beginning, and the following images will show you all the players and those who were duped in this crime.
    So we know who released the memos and who passed the lies to the mainstream FAKE NEWS services.
    And we have known all along that the Globalist, DEEP STATE and Washington Swamp needs to be drained, and those who have been exposed were identified early in the process but the FAKE NEWS has kept this monster alive, but things are changing.
    As the whole Cabal have now been exposed to the public for their participation in the disinformation crime is being told to the public probably for the first time.
    Some have already been fired for their crimes and other hightailed it out of it before it was uncovered.
    But some of the biggest liars are still around and I think their time is coming sooner than later.
    Some who were on the top of the problem have left but is trying to save face but is not free of this crime as of yet and he had his fingers in every crevice of this crime and was two-faced to what he said to the press and what he said to officials.
    And these three ladies above are all implicit in this entire conspiracy and will have their due to this also.
    Now this guy had his fingerprints into this very deep and thinks he can write a book and lie his way out of it with the FAKE NEWS services.
    But the big question is did the top man in control of all the above had his place in this issue and it should be brought to life as well as his protégé QUID PRO JOE BIDEN also who will not even admit he threatened the firing of a Ukraine lawyer or Ukraine would not get the billion dollars even though it is on video he is denying that, and now he is denying a sexual assault so should we believe his denial or not.

5/7/2020 McConnell urges senators to abandon push for privacy protections, pass House-approved FISA extension by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this April 21, 2020, file photo Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., speaks with reporters after the
Senate approved a nearly $500 billion coronavirus aid bill on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has spoken out against a sweeping reform of a key counterintelligence tool.    On Wednesday, he urged fellow senators to pass a FISA reauthorization bill, which was already approved by the House in March.
    He believes the push by some Republican senators to add privacy protections may undermine national security.
    Democrats have been pushing to reinstate FISA without major changes amid questions about the program’s use during the 2016 presidential election.    However, McConnell has said the minor changes made to the FISA bill by House Democrats will be enough to fix the problem.
    “The House-passed legislation we’ll take up is not a blanket reauthorization of FISA,” stated the senator.    “It’s a careful update designed to provide greater accountability for the ways these authorities are exercised, while protecting the toolbox that professionals use to defend us.”
    Many Republicans claimed FISA must expire, unless its extension bill ensures American citizens will not be spied on.

5/8/2020 President Trump congratulates Flynn, stresses his mission to ‘drain the swamp’ by OAN Newsroom
President Donald Trump points as he departs after a White House National Day of Prayer Service in
the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday, May 7, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
    President Trump gave a shout out to General Michael Flynn after the Department of Justice announced it would move to drop its criminal charges against him.
    While taking to Twitter Friday, the president said Thursday “was a big day for justice in the USA.”    He congratulated Flynn and noted that he believes “there is much more to come.”
    The president went on to state that “dirty cops and crooked politicians do not go well together” and in another tweet reiterated his mission to “drain the swamp.”
    During a phone interview Friday, President Trump stressed the entire Russia investigation was a hoax that started to unravel once he fired former FBI Director James Comey.     “This was a take-down of a duly elected President of the United States,” he stressed.    “When I fired Comey because he was dishonest and lied in front of Congress and other things…when I fired Comey, you know what hit the fan and it was big, it was a monster…and all of those guys started going after each other.”
    The president went on to say that exposing corrupt officials and authorities in the Department of Justice as well as the FBI will be one of his greatest achievements.
FILE – In this April 1, 2020, file photo, Attorney General William Barr speaks about the coronavirus in
the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)
    Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney General William Barr came to the Justice Department’s defense in dismissing the case against General Flynn.    During an interview Thursday, he said it was his “duty” to drop the charges and adding that he wanted to “restore confidence in the system.”
    Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI back in 2017, but Barr claimed his actions were “not a crime.”
    “Well you know people sometimes plead to things that turn out not to be crimes and the Department of Justice is not persuaded that this was material to any legitimate counter-intelligence investigation,” explained the attorney general.    “So, it was not a crime.”
    Barr said the president did not request that Flynn’s case be dropped.    He also said this will not impact the Russia investigation and the Department of Justice will continue to investigate other aspects of the probe.

5/8/2020 Donald Trump Jr.: Rep. Schiff lied to American people, colleagues by OAN Newsroom
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., listens at a news conference with Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
    According to Donald Trump Jr., the recently released Russia probe transcripts make it clear Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) lied to America.    In a tweet, the president’s son said Schiff lied to the American people and his colleagues, noting he had zero evidence to support what he was selling.
    Don Jr. asked if any Democrats, who were “made to look like fools,” were offended and would be willing to hold Schiff accountable.
    This came after the House Intelligence Committee released the transcripts of the Democrat led investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.    According to the documents, top Obama officials had no “direct evidence” Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, despite Democrat concerns.
In this Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020 file photograph, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee
Joe Biden gestures during a foreign policy statement in New York. (AP Photo/File, Richard Drew)
    Meanwhile, President Trump has claimed former Vice President Joe Biden was also involved with the Russia probe.    During a recent interview, the president said “sleepy Joe was involved in this very much” while discussing the FBI’s investigation into his 2016 campaign.
    Reports noted that the investigation began while Biden was still in office.
    The president did not specify how he knew Biden was tied to the probe, but went on to slam the former vice president as a “bad” and “incompetent” Democrat presidential candidate.

5/9/2020 Fitton: Gen. Flynn got justice because lawyers fought back by OAN Newsroom
Photo via Tom Fitton official Twitter.
    According to the president of Judicial Watch, it took the right lawyers to finally get justice for General Michael Flynn.    During a recent interview, Tom Fitton told reporters the former national security adviser got justice because he had a couple of lawyers who were willing to push back against D.C.’s “entire political class.”
    “This FBI, this Justice Department, they would’ve sent Flynn to jail.    I appreciate these documents were released, I appreciate Barr did the right thing in the end, but lets be clear: it wasn’t voluntary.    He only got justice because he had a lawyer that insisted upon it.” – Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch
    He went on to call the outcome “disturbing” and said it “shows you that officials are willing to distort the law to destroy their enemies.”
FILE – In this July 10, 2018, file photo, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn leaves
the federal courthouse in Washington, following a status hearing. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)
    Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany commended the Justice Department for requesting to dismiss the FBI’s three-year-long investigation into the former national security adviser.
    During Friday’s press briefing, McEnany expressed her dismay over the agency’s handling of the case, citing newly disclosed emails and handwritten notes that alleged Flynn’s entrapment.
    “The FBI exists to investigate crimes, but in the case of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, it appears as though they might have existed to manufacture one,” stated the press secretary.
    She said “agents appeared to paint a target on his back” and went on to describe one of several instances that led up to the dismissal.
    “In December 2016, Flynn spoke to the Russian ambassador and, as customary, the call was recorded.    But in a highly irregular move, the Intelligence Community unmasked his identity.    Michael Flynn is a United States citizen who is entitled to Fourth Amendment rights and due process, but he received none of that.” – Kayleigh McEnany, United States Press Secretary
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany speaks during a press briefing at the White House, Friday, May 8, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
    According to the secretary, it was also revealed that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper privately disclosed he saw “no direct empirical evidence” that the Trump campaign was conspiring with Russia to mettle with the 2016 election.
    “If the top leadership of the FBI can target a three star general who served this country for three decades, make no mistake, they can target you,” said McEnany.    “    Hard to believe that this happened in the United States of America.”
    A court must still approve the department’s request to dismiss the case.    Meanwhile, McEnany reaffirmed President Trump will consider working with Congress to create a ‘phase four’ bill, which would deal with the rising unemployment rate caused by the ongoing pandemic.
    “I can tell you this: the president that got us to the hottest economy in modern history, he’s done it once and he can do it again,” she said.

5/9/2020 Attorney General Barr: Concerned Steele dossier used to ‘inject’ Russian disinformation by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this Feb. 10, 2020, file photo, Attorney General William Barr speaks at the National Sheriffs’
Association Winter Legislative and Technology Conference in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
    Attorney General William Barr has called the use of the infamous Steele dossier during the Mueller investigation “troubling.”    During an interview this week, Barr noted during testimony on Capitol Hill, he was concerned about the dossier and former British spy Christopher Steele’s work.
    He was worried both were being used as a “vector by Russians to inject disinformation into a political campaign.”
    He added Special Investigator Robert Mueller was responsible for looking at potential Russian influence, but it was ignored.
    “One of the things you have to guard against, both as a prosecutor and I think as an investigator, is that if you get too wedded to a particular outcome and if you’re pursing a particular agenda, you close your eyes to anything that sort of fits with your preconception,” stated Barr.
    According to the attorney general, Mueller should have investigated the dossier further.    He declined to comment whether he saw additional evidence of political bias in the Russia investigation.
[We all know now that Mueller was just the face of it was not in charge of the Muellar report it was being controlled by the Washington Swamp with 14 angry Trump hating lawyers and they ignored anything that would refute their goal and they are the ones that need to be cleaned up in the SWAMP when it is drained and all this corruption is on the news for all Americans can see what was happening].

5/10/2020 Vice President Pence signals support for Flynn’s return to Trump admin. by OAN Newsroom
Vice President Mike Pence listens as President Donald Trump holds a meeting about the coronavirus response with Gov.
Greg Abbott, R-Texas, in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, May 7, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
    Vice President Mike Pence has said he would be happy to welcome General Michael Flynn back to the White House.    During a recent interview, he announced he would support Flynn’s return to the administration.
    President Trump also appeared to agree and has said he would certainly consider it.
    This came after the Justice Department dropped its case against Flynn this week.    Both Pence and the president have praised Flynn’s character and condemned the case against him as partisan entrapment.
    “I think General Michael Flynn is an American patriot.    He served this country with great distinction in uniform.    I believe the decision by the Justice Department lays bare what was clearly prosecutorial abuse.    For my part, I’d be happy to see Michael Flynn again.” – Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States
    Flynn served in the administration as the president’s first national security adviser back in early 2017.

5/10/2020 Rep. Nunes: Democrats had ‘deep, dark, sick’ fantasies about Russia by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this Oct. 24, 2017, file photo, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep.
Devin Nunes, R-Calif., speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
    Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has said the perpetrators of the failed Russia hoax must be held responsible.    On Sunday, he suggested Democrats have had “deep dark and sick” fantasies about Russia and President Trump.
    Nunes added top Democrat officials and their followers got excited over the false dossier.    The congressman has called for criminal referrals for people behind the allegations of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between President Trump and Russia.
    He also met with the president recently and stressed those who launched the Russia hoax must face the music.
    “Like Putin was my best friend.    He had no calls to Russia, we had no calls from Russia for years.    All of a sudden, we have this great friendship.    By the way, getting along with Russia is a great thing.    But I have to say, Devin was incredible.    He understood it was a hoax before anyone else knew what was happening.” – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States
    Nunes also accused Democrats of orchestrating and financing the Russia probe to manipulate U.S. politics in their favor.
    Back on 4/25/2020 Rep. Nunes: Time for key witness transcripts from Trump probe to be public by OAN Newsroom
    Witness transcripts from the investigation into charges of Russian collusion against President Trump were supposed to made public by the House Intelligence Committee back in late in 2018.    To date, they are still secret.    One America’s John Hines has more on this.
[This is why Adam Schiff was attacking Nunes during the Impeachment Hearings in his phony committees and others because he knew Nunes was trying to get the above information that is now coming out on him and others and they will become even more desperate in the coming months especially when U.S. Attorney Durham turns his eyes on them.].

    The following is what has Judge Sullivan done since 2018.
[The question is did Flynn get a ringer for a judge when this all started as you will read below?
    The judge suggested both sides of the case update him on March 13, 2019 for a status hearing.
[ Emmet Gael Sullivan, a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, undergraduate and law degrees from Howard University.    He was appointed to the bench of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan, to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals as an Associate Judge in 1992 by President George H. W. Bush and to the federal bench in 1994 by President Bill Clinton.
    In 2015 Sullivan presided over a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) lawsuit involving the matter (or crime) of Hillary Clinton's private email use while Secretary of State.
    During her tenure as United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton drew controversy by using her family's private email server for official communications rather than using official State Department email accounts maintained on secure federal servers.    An FBI examination of Clinton's server found over 100 emails containing classified information, including 65 emails deemed "Secret" and 22 deemed "Top Secret," none with classification markings.    An additional 2,093 emails not marked classified were retroactively classified by the State Department.
    Some experts, officials, and members of Congress contended that Clinton's use of a private messaging system and a private server violated State Department protocols and procedures, as well as federal laws and regulations governing recordkeeping.    Clinton responded that her use complied with federal laws and State Department regulations, and that former secretaries of state had also maintained personal email accounts.    News reports indicated that the emails discussed "innocuous" matters already available in the public domain.    For example, the CIA drone program has been widely discussed in the public domain since the early 2000s; however, the very existence of the program is technically classified, so even sharing a newspaper article that mentions it would constitute a security breach as far as the CIA is concerned.
    The controversy was a major point of discussion during the 2016 presidential election, in which Clinton was the Democratic nominee.    In May, the State Department's Office of the Inspector General released a report about the State Department's email practices, including Clinton's.    In July, FBI director James Comey announced that the FBI investigation had concluded that Clinton had been "extremely careless" but recommended that no charges be filed.    Clinton's opponent, presidential candidate Donald Trump, used the nickname "Crooked Hillary" to criticize Clinton primarily for the email controversy.    Trump supporters adopted the chant "lock her up" to imply Clinton had committed a crime, and this was not a "withch hunt" this was a 'bitch hunt," who was being protected by the FBI and DOJ.
    On October 28, 2016, days before the election, Comey notified Congress that the FBI had started looking into newly discovered emails.    On November 6, Comey notified Congress that the FBI had not changed its original conclusion.    Comey's timing was contentious, with critics saying that he had violated Department of Justice guidelines and precedent and prejudiced the public against Clinton.    The controversy received more media coverage than any other topic during the presidential campaign.    Clinton and other observers argue that the reopening of the investigation contributed to her loss in the election.    In April 2018, Comey said his announcement had been influenced by the fact that he thought it extremely likely that Clinton would become the next President.    This really shows how stupid Comey is, and he deserved to be fired, as well as Strzuk and Page.
    On June 14, 2018, the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General released its report on the FBI's and DOJ's handling of Clinton's investigation.
So now guess who became the judge for Michael Flynn sentencing case seen above?
    In the case of United States of America v. Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser to Donald Trump was randomly assigned to District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras as shown in the indictment released on December 1, 2017.    On December 7, 2017, Contreras recused himself from the sentencing hearings to take place in the Flynn case.    The case was randomly reassigned to Emmet Sullivan, the judge of Hillary, who did not get locked up for worse crimes than Flynn did.    So read the next article and I ask you why Flynn's lawyer was wondering why Judge Emmet Sullivan was already dissing Flynn, as if he was guilty without a trial.].
12/18/2018 Michael Flynn sentencing delayed by OAN Newsroom
12/18/2018 Judge blasts Trump ex-adviser Flynn, delays sentencing in Russia probe by Jan Wolfe and Ginger Gibson
    At one point, Sullivan asked prosecutors if Flynn could have been charged with treason, although the judge later said he had not been suggesting such a charge was warranted.
    “Arguably, you sold your country out,” Sullivan told Flynn.    “I’m not hiding my disgust, my disdain for this criminal offense.”
7/11/2019 Lawyer: Flynn will keep cooperating after co-conspirator revelations by Jacqueline Thomsen, The Hill.
    Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is overseeing the D.C. case, ordered the parties in the case to make filings on how they expect the developments in Kian’s case to impact Flynn’s sentencing.
    Flynn was due to be sentenced in December 2018, but his sentence was delayed after Judge Sullivan lambasted him for selling his country out to Russia and urged him to complete his cooperation with government prosecutors.
    The follwoing found at
10/25/2019 Michael Flynn’s legal team drops evidence of alleged FBI entrapment by OAN Newsroom
10/30/2019 Collusion: Judge Tells Government To Respond To Allegations It Hid Evidence From Michael Flynn’s Legal Team by Margot Cleveland
11/27/2019 Federal judge delays Michael Flynn’s sentencing until after IG report release by OAN Newsroom
12/9/2019 No political bias but FBI made mistakes in probe of Trump campaign: watchdog by Sarah N. Lynch, Mark Hosenball and Andy Sullivan
    By the way Judge Sullivan is friends with Obama's former Attorney General Eric Holder who has several activities that were corrupt and never brought to justice because he was protected from his daddy Obama and both of them are now out on the Fake News service trying to debunk the truth from coming out to the public and they are trying to reverse this judges ruling.

5/11/2020 President Trump calls out leaked audio as ‘Obamagate’ by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this Nov. 9, 2016 file photo, then-President Barack Obama, accompanied by then-Vice President Joe Biden, walks back
to the Oval Office in Washington, after speaking about the election in the Rose Garden. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
    President Trump has sounded the alarm on what he’s referred to as Obamagate.”    The matter unraveled Sunday in a string of tweets re-posted by the president, which accuse former President Barack Obama of speaking against him.
    The allegations stem from leaked audio files circulated online, which allegedly capture Obama during a private phone call with former White House staffers.
    In the audio you can hear what’s believed to be Obama criticizing the Trump administration and then vowing to rally behind Joe Biden.
    In response, President Trump has said “he (Obama) got caught.”
    The following found at
5/9/2020 Exclusive: Obama says in private call that 'rule of law is at risk' in Michael Flynn case
Michael Isikoff, Chief Investigative Correspondent
    WASHINGTON — Former President Barack Obama, talking privately to ex-members of his administration, said Friday that the “rule of law is at risk” in the wake of what he called an unprecedented move by the Justice Department to drop charges against former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.
    In the same chat, a tape of which was obtained by Yahoo News, Obama also lashed out at the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic as “an absolute chaotic disaster.”
    “The news over the last 24 hours I think has been somewhat downplayed — about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn,” Obama said in a web talk with members of the Obama Alumni Association.
    “And the fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free.    That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk.    And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”
    The Flynn case was invoked by Obama as a principal reason that his former administration officials needed to make sure former Vice President Joe Biden wins the November election against President Trump.    “So I am hoping that all of you feel the same sense of urgency that I do,” he said.    “Whenever I campaign, I’ve always said, ‘Ah, this is the most important election.’    Especially obviously when I was on the ballot, that always feels like it's the most important election.    This one — I’m not on the ballot — but I am pretty darn invested.    We got to make this happen.”
    Obama misstated the charge to which Flynn had previously pleaded guilty.    He was charged with false statements to the FBI, not perjury.    But the Justice Department, in a filing with a federal judge on Thursday, asked that the case brought by special counsel Robert Mueller be dismissed, arguing that FBI agents did not have a justifiable reason to question the then national security adviser about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak — talks FBI agents and Mueller’s prosecutors concluded he had lied about.


5/13/2020 President Trump slams Biden, pushes ‘Obamagate’ by OAN Newsroom
President Donald Trump speaks as Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, center, listens during a meeting in the
Cabinet Room of the White House, Wednesday, May 13, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
    President Trump recently reacted to the latest revelations about General Michel Flynn, as well as the Obama administration’s involvement in the transition of power and information to the current White House team.    He has called it “the biggest political crime in American history.”
    What could be the start of a new corruption case all began on January 5th, 2017.    During a meeting, then-President Obama gave guidance to key Justice Department officials, who would be tasked with protecting his administration’s secretly funded Clinton campaign research, better known as Fusion GPS.
    This research formed the foundation of the Trump-Russia plot and led the FBI to ambush incoming National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn, who later was forced to recuse himself from looking into the investigations of President Trump.
    When asked whether he knew about the push to investigate Flynn, former Vice President Joe Biden claimed he knew “nothing about those moves.”    When pressed on his role at the meeting and involvement in FBI interrogations, he changed his reply.
    “I thought you asked if I had anything to do with him being prosecuted, I’m sorry,” stated Biden.    “I was aware they asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know about it.”

FILE – In this Jan. 12, 2017, file photo Vice President Joe Biden listens during a ceremony in the State Dining Room of the White House
in Washington, where President Barack Obama presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
    However, new documents released Wednesday by acting DNI Richard Grenell revealed a number of Obama officials who sought to “unmask” General Flynn.    The list included former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey and Joe Biden.
    Meanwhile, President Trump continues to fuel what he is calling “Obamagate.”
    “Obamagate: it’s been going on for a long time.    It’s been going on from before I even got elected.    It’s a disgrace that it happened, if you look at what’s gone on, if you look at now all of this information that’s being released.    From what I understand, that’s only the beginning.” – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States
    Obama has been accused of leading a “coup” to sabotage the Trump presidency, which recently created a media frenzy online.    If these claims are indeed true, it will be a very different message from what the 44th U.S. president had initially delivered.
    “I think of this job as being a relay runner: You take the baton, you run your best race and hopefully by the time you hand it off, you’re a little further ahead, you made a little progress,” stated former President Obama.    “I can say that we’ve done that, and I want to say that we make sure that hand-off is well executed, because ultimately were all on the same team.”
    And as you will see that Joe Biden who has lied about everything he has done will probably lie that he did not do what you see on the unmasking in the below image.

5/14/2020 Dropping Flynn case is delayed by Kevin Johnson and Kristine Phillips, USA TODAY
    WASHINGTON – A federal judge is delaying an immediate decision on a Justice Department request to abandon the prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, saying he will allow time for outside parties to challenge the government’s position.
    U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said in an order Tuesday that he would set a schedule for parties to submit their challenges at a later date, injecting more drama into the case against the former Army general who first pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in 2017 about his communications with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.
    In the brief order, Sullivan did not address the Justice Department’s effort to drop the case, saying only that he “anticipates that individuals and organizations” will seek to file arguments of their own.
    “Accordingly, at the appropriate time, the Court will enter a scheduling order governing the submission of any amicus curiae briefs,” Sullivan said.
    Flynn’s lawyers quickly responded and said outside parties had no standing in the case.
    Describing the case as drawing “extraordinary national and international interest,” attorneys for Flynn said outside parties were “free to express their views,” but there was no provision to join an ongoing criminal case.

5/13/2020 List of Obama officials who requested Flynn unmasking released by OAN Newsroom
FILE – This Dec. 13, 2019 file photo shows former President Barack Obama speaking at the Gathering of Rising Leaders
in the Asia Pacific, organized by the Obama Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian, File)
    Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) have released a list of Obama White House officials who may have had a role in unmasking former General Michael Flynn.
    Those included were former DNI James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey and presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.
    According to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), it’s clear Biden used the government to go after a political opponent.
    “If Vice President Biden and the president’s inner circle of advisers were all listening to a senior Trump administration adviser’s private conversation, this would amount to a serious abuse of power,” stated Paul.    “The only question that remains is what did President Obama know and when did he know it.”
    He has called on acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell to testify on the matter before the Senate next week.

5/13/2020 U.S. district judge halts motion to dismiss Flynn case by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this Sept. 10, 2019 file photo, Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser,
leaves the federal court following a status conference in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
    A U.S. district judge is attempting to slow the Justice Department’s motion to drop the charges in the criminal case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.
    On Tuesday, Judge Emmet Sullivan indicated he is planning to allow third party submissions to inform his ruling over Flynn’s dismissal.    He will be receiving amicus briefs, or ‘friend of the court’ briefs, which will allow non-parties with interest in a case to share opinions.
Photo of Judge Emmet G. Sullivan via U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia website.
    Flynn’s counsel responded by arguing such ‘friend of the court’ briefs are not permitted in criminal cases under local court rules or Supreme Court precedent.    The former adviser’s defense team noted there is no place for third parties to meddle in a dispute between the United States and a criminal defendant.
    They also suggested Sullivan’s order was influenced by a recent filing from a group calling themselves “Watergate prosecutors,” who implied political influence played a role in the decision to dismiss the case.
    This followed the Justice Department’s resolution on the recommendation of U.S. attorney Jeff Jensen, which stated the FBI had insufficient evidence to question Flynn in the first place.    According to the resolution, the former adviser’s statements during the interview also didn’t lend much to the broader investigation of ties between Russia and the Trump campaign.
    Judge Sullivan has the ability to ask the Justice Department for further information regarding their verdict as he prepares to decide Flynn’s fate.    He could deny the DOJ’s motion, block the withdrawal of Flynn’s guilty plea and continue with sentencing.    He could also dismiss the case, with or without prejudice, which would either permanently free the former adviser or open up the case for future review.
[This is the fake news side of the story and it may be a last ditch effort by this judge to keep Flynn from telling his story of what was going on in the previous administration in hope it will drag it out past the November 3 election and he is trying to charge him for perjury].

5/14/2020 Paul Manafort set free over virus fears by Kristine Phillips and Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY
    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been released from prison and is now in home confinement as the coronavirus pandemic spreads in federal prisons.
    Todd Blanche, one of Manafort’s attorneys, said the 71-year-old was released Wednesday morning.    Manafort is serving a combined sentence of 7 1 /2 years in prison from two criminal cases that resulted from the special counsel investigation of Russia’s election meddling in 2016.
    Manafort was convicted in Virginia for a scheme to defraud banks and taxpayers out of millions of dollars he had amassed through illicit lobbying.    He also pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges of not disclosing his lobbying work and tampering with witnesses in a related Washington, D.C., case.
    Last month, Attorney General William Barr announced a plan to expedite the release of vulnerable prisoners to home confinement.
    “Given the speed with which this disease has spread through the general public, it is clear that time is of the essence,” Barr said then.

5/14/2020 James Clapper say it’s routine to unmask officials in Intel probes by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this May 8, 2017, file photo, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper
testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)
    Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper claimed it’s routine to unmask officials during intelligence investigations.    He made the comments in an interview Thursday after he was named in a list of officials who may have sought information on General Michael Flynn during the Russia probe.
    Clapper claimed officials have no way of knowing a person’s identity before unmasking and dismissed reports suggesting Obama-era officials specifically targeted Flynn.
    “When you see these reports, to understand the context and the importance of what’s going on, you almost have to have the actual name,” Clapper stated.    “You don’t know who it is in advance, so in my case the list cites…three occasions where I requested unmasking, which turned out to be Mike Flynn.”
    The former Director of National Intelligence added that he’s “happy” to testify before the upper chamber after Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham called for a hearing on the matter.
    Other officials on the released listed included former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey and presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

5/14/2020 Rep. Nadler: We expect to see Barr testify on June 9th by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this Feb. 10, 2020, file photo, Attorney General William Barr speaks at the National Sheriffs’
Association Winter Legislative and Technology Conference in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
    House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler has demanded that Attorney General William Barr testify before Congress as soon as Washington reopens next month.
    In an interview Wednesday, Nadler said he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get Barr on the stand.    He noted that he will consider issuing a subpoena.
    “Now that the District of Columbia has expanded the stay-at-home order until June 8, we expect to see Barr in front of our committee on June 9th — the very next day,” stated the New York representative.
    This comes amid mounting allegations that Barr is “politically meddling” in federal cases.
    According to reports, Barr was originally set to testify on March 31, but the hearing was delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

5/14/2020 Sen. Graham to open hearings on Russia probe, Gen. Flynn and Carter Page in June by OAN Newsroom
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, May 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has announced the Senate Judiciary Committee will soon begin holding hearings regarding General Michael Flynn, former Foreign Policy Adviser Carter Page and the Obama administration’s involvement in the Russia probe.
    On Thursday, he confirmed the hearings will begin June 1st.    He also expressed his great concern over the potential precedent that could be established by calling a former president to testify.
    “No president’s above the law, but we do have separations of powers.    I think it’d be a bad precedent to compel a former president to come before the Congress.    That would open up a can of worms and, for a variety of reasons, I don’t think that’s a good idea.    But we will do a lot of oversight.”– Lindsey Graham, U.S. Senator
    Earlier this week, Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell sent Congress a list of Obama administration officials who “unmasked” General Flynn, which later turned into the FBI ambushing him.
    Sen. Graham has questioned whether there was enough evidence to initiate the Mueller investigation in the first place.    In the meantime, he has opened the door for former President Obama or President Trump to come testify as part of the committee’s investigation.
    This came after the president encouraged Sen. Graham to call Obama to testify.

    So as seen above with Susan Rice in Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (Bloomberg BNA) in 2020 the Democrats are seeing the consequence of who they have running for president who may not be up to par to promote their extreme radical leftist socialist policies they are running on are losing support by Americans andt the Press and fake news mainstream television stations are still going strong even though they are losing ratings and the DEEP STATE or Globalists are starting to be concerned.
    The Globalist had tried to push multibillionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has his Bloomberg Philantropies under the President Circle of the CFR to run for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America, to stop his reckless and unethical actions, and claims he represents an existential threat to our country and our values, that we may never recover from the damage, and fix what is broken in our great nation.    So they were desperate and now he is only there to pay for campaign adds against Donald Trump as a last desperate chance.
    But as you can see that former president Obama and attorney general Eric Holder came out of the woodwork to put their effort to fix things, but as you can see now in more desperate they will probably push Susan Rice (a woman, black, and to me on the shady side of the previous administrations corruption) to become Vice President running with Joe Biden to insure they have someone in the top to keep things in their favor, which is the very thing that Trump has battled for the last 3 ½ years.
    Rice served as the 24th U.S. National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama from 2013 to 2017 and as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013.    The U.S. Senate confirmed her as Ambassador by unanimous consent on January 22, 2009.    A former Brookings Institution fellow which is the Globalist, she served on the staff of the National Security Council and was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during President Bill Clinton's second term.
    Mentioned as a possible replacement for retiring U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2012, Rice withdrew from consideration following controversy related to the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, saying that if she were nominated, "the confirmation process would be lengthy, disruptive, and costly."    I think she took the fall since Hillary was the real culprit as well as Obama's policies which resulted in the death of Americans in the embassy and if you did not know that incident was the beginning of what we know as ISIS, whose attack was in responce of Obama declaring a war and killed Ghaddafi for screwing up his economy by raising gas above $4 a gallon and oil at $104 a barrel.    Isn't that amusing that Trump missled an Iranian general who was a terrorist who killed thousands of our troops and the Democrats go beserk as a crime, but not a peep out of them for what Obama caused, and it is amusing that Trump was the one who came and pushed ISIS to their brink.
    Rice succeeded Tom Donilon as National Security Advisor on July 1, 2013.
    In April 2017, the report of Rice unmasking Trump officials followed the announcement of the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, by Republican Devin Nunes, "that he had seen reports indicating that Mr. Trump or his associates might have been 'incidentally' swept up in the monitoring of foreigners."    The Committee was investigating both Trump's ties to Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election and Trump's unfounded allegations that President Obama had Trump Tower under surveillance.    Lake's April 3 report of the unmasking specified "Rice's requests to unmask the names of Trump transition officials do not vindicate Trump's own tweets from March 4 in which he accused Obama of illegally tapping Trump Tower."    Nevertheless, Republicans called for an investigation into the unmasking while Democrats claimed the unmasking story was a diversion from the Russian influence investigation.
    After members of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees were able to view the material on which Nunes based his assertions, a number of news organizations reported that both Democrats and Republicans familiar with the material said that there was "no evidence that Obama administration officials did anything unusual or illegal."    The report also called Rice's unmasking requests "normal and appropriate."    But no one is stepping up for leaking the masking to the Washington Post which is not "normal and appropriate.
[Why has it taken 3 1/2 years for this information to get out to the public?    Thats an easy answer because it was taking that long to get rid of some the Washington Swamp critters and DEEP STATE controllers who interferred for access, which did, clean out the FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA not occur until we got a good Attorney Genral, U.S. Attorney and persons who have been awaken to discover the sirens that Nunes had blown in 2017 were true].

    And as you see below who was escorting Michael Flynn around during the leaking crime was in process.

5/20/2020 Ukrainian Lawmakers: Biden tapes show quid pro quo by OAN Newsroom
Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy speaks to media during a news conference in Kyiv, Ukraine,
Wednesday, May 20, 2020. Zelenskiy announced an investigation Wednesday into the leaked tapes that allegedly
feature the country’s former president Petro Poroshenko and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and appear to be yet
another episode of an anti-Biden campaign waged by a Ukrainian lawmaker. (Sergey Dolzhenko/Pool Photo via AP)
    Ukrainian lawmakers released the recording of a 2016 phone call between Joe Biden and then-President Petro Poroshenko.    In the recording, Poroshenko told Biden he asked prosecutor general Viktor Shokin to resign.
    Biden has since admitted that he blocked aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor was fired over Shokin’s investigation into gas company Burisma and his son Hunter.
    “I’m a man of my word and now that the new prosecutor general is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing the $1 billion loan guarantee,” Biden stated.
    He also asked Poroshenko to nationalize Ukraine’s largest bank, which is a move that was reversed because it’s considered illegal by the new Ukrainian government
FILE – In this March 12, 2020, file photo Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President
Joe Biden arrives to speak about the coronavirus in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)
    The former vice president can be heard making the following comments in the recording:
    “This is getting very, very close.    What I don’t want to have happen.    I don’t want Trump to get into the position where he thinks he’s about to buy into a situation where the financial system is about to collapse, where he is going to be looking to pour more money into Ukraine.    That’s how he’ll think about it before he gets sophisticated enough to know details.”
    Ukrainian lawmakers said the recording confirms Biden’s quid pro quo and conflict of interest in their country.
[Well the Biden quid pro quo that he committed which is on video and he is still denying it today which makes him a liar and he is denying sexual assault charges, and he I hope he did not do any denying of masking on Flynn to so it seems like mister wants to be president if elected is probably lying to you about everything he is going to do also.    Wake up Americans who may vote for a Democrat it is time to stop the DEEP STATE in their tracks and vote for "America First".].

5/20/2020 Senate approves subpoena in GOP’s Hunter Biden-Burisma probe by OAN Newsroom
Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., gavels a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee meeting to a close on Capitol
Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 20, 2020, after voting to issue a subpoena to Blue Star Strategies. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
    The Senate Homeland Committee has voted along party lines to subpoena Blue Star, a consulting firm for Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.    Wednesday’s vote followed growing speculation over why Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, had worked on the top advisory board of the Ukrainian firm, despite his inexperience.
    The first subpoena requested all records “related to work for or on behalf” of Burisma Holdings, along with those involved.
    Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has said the American people deserve to know the truth about Burisma, as well as the large swath of corruption within the presidential transition process.
    “What we’ve witnessed here and we’re gaining more evidence of is the corruption of that transition process, transition designed primarily to sabotage the incoming administration,” stated Johnson.
    “The American people need to understand what happened so it can never happen again.”
    Democrats on the Senate panel have opposed the investigation, arguing that Republicans should refocus their energy on COVID-19 related issues.
FILE – In this Jan. 30, 2010, file photo, then-Vice President Joe Biden, left, with his son Hunter,
right, at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass, File)
    Meanwhile, Joe Biden has criticized the latest probes into “Obamagate” and his dealings in Ukraine, which have been gaining momentum.    In a recent video address to Columbia Law School graduates, Biden accused Trump administration officials of abuse of authority and leading a political crusade against him.
    However, new evidence revealed he and Barack Obama knew of illicit surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign.    Biden also reportedly used the office of vice president to protect his money interests in Ukraine.
    “Yes, our legal system is adversarial by design, but it depends on rules, norms and ethics.    Our democracy is messy, but a free press and checks and balances hold that democratic project together.    As we know, power corrupts, democracy doesn’t just happen.” – Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States
    He also called on the class of 2020 to advance far-left agenda and “rewrite the social contract” to reshape America after COVID-19.
[Joe Biden is part of the "Obamagate" issue where power corrupted and dissed our constitution and laws the crusade has been going on since 2016 and you only ignored it but it has raised its ugly head now and you will have to answer to it.].

5/27/2020 Rep. McCarthy: No FISA reauthorization without reform by OAN Newsroom
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Calif. speaks during a news conference on
Capitol Hill, Thursday, May 7, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has voiced his opposition to the hurried reauthorization of America’s most powerful counterintelligence tool.    On Wednesday, he stated a new FISA bill must ensure surveillance powers will not be used to spy on Americans.
    Recent “Obamagate” revelations confirmed the federal government abused FISA powers to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign.
    The minority leader stressed the legislation must protect Americans, not threaten them.
    “Moving forward today, it won’t be signed into law,” said McCarthy.    “The president has questions, the attorney general has questions, but the senators themselves disagree with it.”
    The lawmaker went on to say Congress must work in a bipartisan fashion to add serious privacy protections and anti-terror provisions to the legislation.
    “Let’s go back work together,” added McCarthy.    “If the Democrats bring this bill up, they are just playing politics, and this is not something to play politics with.”
    The House minority leader has also ramped up criticism of so-called “proxy voting” by Democrats.    He recently pointed out that the U.S. Constitution mandates lawmakers assemble in person to serve their duty.
    This came after Democrat lawmakers proposed voting on legislation without gathering on Capitol Hill, due to coronavirus fears.    However, House Republicans have claimed bills passed as a result of proxy voting are legally void and cannot become law.
    McCarthy has argued the Constitution must be observed in the legislating process, regardless of circumstances.
    “If the Democrats are successful in allowing a proxy vote to make their own rules, what’s stopping them from making the rules that only certain people can vote?    Nothing.    It is very clear in the Constitution, Article One all through: the House is supposed to assemble.    This is unconstitutional, what the Democrats are doing.” – Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader
    According to him, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to impede the reopening of the U.S. economy by preventing Congress from legislating a way out of this crisis.

5/28/2020 House cancels FISA reauthorization bill vote by OAN Newsroom
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill
in Washington, Thursday, May 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
    House Democrats have cancelled their vote for a FISA reauthorization bill following President Trump’s dismissal of the legislation.    Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly scrapped the chamber’s plans to take the bill up for a vote on Thursday.
    The House had initially planned to vote on it Wednesday, but pushed it back.    Lawmakers have since acknowledged it will likely not receive support from Republicans.
    The legislation would have enacted some changes to the FISA court and reauthorized provisions for a 2015 surveillance law.
    President Trump criticized the bill earlier this week, saying the Obama administration abused surveillance tools during the 2016 elections.    He has thanked House Republicans for stopping the updated FISA bill from reaching his desk.
    The president took to Twitter on Thursday to praise those in Congress who were responsible for blocking the bill.
    He went on to criticize the legislation, which he claimed would “perpetuate the abuse that produced the greatest political crime in the history of the U.S., the Russian witch hunt.”
    The president previously stated he would veto the bill if it was passed.

5/31/2020 Flynn, Russian discussed sanctions by Eric Tucker, ASSOCIATED PRESS
    WASHINGTON – Transcripts of phone calls that played a pivotal role in the Russia investigation were declassified and released Friday, showing that Michael Flynn, as an adviser to then-President-elect Donald Trump, urged Russia’s ambassador to be “even-keeled” in response to punitive Obama administration measures, and assured him “we can have a better conversation” about relations between the countries after Trump became president.
    Democrats said the transcripts showed that Flynn lied to the FBI when he denied details of the conversation, and that he was undercutting a sitting president while communicating about sanctions with a country that interfered in the 2016 election.    But allies of the president who maintain the FBI had no reason to investigate Flynn in the first place insisted that the transcripts showed he had done nothing wrong.
    The transcripts are unlikely to significantly reshape public understanding of the contact between Flynn and then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, a central moment in the Russia investigation.    They do show that the men did, in fact, discuss sanctions, matching the general description of the call provided in the 2017 guilty plea that Flynn reached with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.
[What is said above is not enough to justify spying on the Trump administration and this brief article was released by the Democrats and was stuck at the very last page of their issue, so we will wait to see what the new intelligence chief releases the full story soon.].

6/3/2020 Rod Rosenstein testifies he would not have signed off on Page warrant given what he knows now by OAN Newsroom
Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee
hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, June 3, 2020. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP)
    Former Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has stated he would not have signed off on the Carter Page FISA warrant if he had known what he knows now.
    While testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, Rosenstein acknowledged the series of flaws made by the FBI during their Russia investigation.    He said he thought the information in the FISA application had been verified and went on to defend his appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel in the probe.
    Senators grilled Rosenstein for being negligent amid the investigation.    They pointed out he never checked to see if the information in the application he had approved was accurate.

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee
hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, June 3, 2020. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP)
    Rosenstein has said he trusted that the information presented to him was verified and suggested someone would have informed him if they knew it wasn’t vetted.
    The former attorney general was the first witness called in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s oversight investigation into the FBI’s abuse of FISA and other issues regarding the Russia probe.
[The vetting and verifying started with Jim Comey, and continued to 3 other persons who apparently did not do it either and if they think we will believe they did not know what they were doing it just does not sound good as their lack of doing their job cost America $40 million plus 2 years of the Trump administration to do what they were suppose to do.].

6/4/2020 Senate hearing draws 1st concession by Eric Tucker, ASSOCIATED PRESS
    WASHINGTON – Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told lawmakers Wednesday that he would not have approved an FBI surveillance application for a former Trump campaign aide during the Russia investigation had he known at the time about the problems that have since been revealed.
    Rosenstein’s comments amounted to a striking concession that law enforcement officials made mistakes as they scrutinized ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.    But even as he acknowledged the legitimacy of anger from Trump and his allies, he defended his appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller to lead the probe and affirmed his support for the conclusion that Russia interfered but did not criminally conspire with associates of the Trump campaign.
    “I do not consider the investigation to be corrupt, but I understand the president’s frustration given the outcome that there was no evidence” of a conspiracy between the campaign and Russia, Rosenstein said.
    His appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee was the first in a series of oversight hearings scrutinizing the FBI’s Russia investigation.    The hearing served as the opening salvo of the GOP’s investigation into what Republicans say are damaging findings from an inspector general review.
[Obviously he was duped by the Comey FBI crew, but he still has to answer for his releasing the Mueller investigation and enacting the 25th Amendment to overthrow Trump but as we all know everyone back then was out to get Trump and he was acting Attorney General and he went with the mob rule and as usual the above news service does not cover this as a big issue but it is as we now have more proof of corruption in the Obama administration and it will continue until all of them are brought to justice.    I hope this will go all the way up to the top Democrat whose name starts with an "O" and I can guarantee in the next few month those who are guilty are going to start a barage of disinformation to continue to cover up their mutiny which continues to reach also to a globalist World Government policies that was the initial concept that caused this and why the attacks on Trump's presidency who is going against their attacks on the sovereignty of the United States of America.    If Trump had not come along they would have got away with this since Hillary Clinton had been groomed to continue those policies.].
nbsp;  A new reports detail the alleged role of major Democrat donors and top officials allegedly behind riots sweeping the nation.    One America’s Kristian Rouz examines the claims.
[Who else could it be they have been doing this ever since Trump came into office.].

6/4/2020 Obama calls for police reform by OAN Newsroom
In this image from video provided by My Brother’s Keeper Alliance and The Obama Foundation, former President Barack Obama
speaks Wednesday, June 3, 2020, during virtual town hall event with young people to discuss policing and the civil unrest that
has followed the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. (My Brother’s Keeper Alliance and The Obama Foundation via AP)
    Barack Obama made his first public remarks regarding the ongoing nationwide protests by joining calls for police reform.
    During a virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, the former president outlined changes he believes would reduce police violence against racial minorities.    His suggestions included establishing clear “use of force” guidelines and allowing officers to intervene when a fellow officer is being too rough with a suspect.
    Obama also spoke about the recent killings of black Americans, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Tony McDade.
    “In some ways, as tragic as these past few weeks have been, as difficult and scary and uncertain as they’ve been, they’ve also been an incredible opportunity for people to be awakened to some of these underlying trends,” Obama stated.    “And they offer an opportunity for us to all work together to tackle them, to take them on, to change America and make it live up to its highest ideals.”
The former Democrat President went on to address the families of victims by saying he’s committed to the task of “creating a more just nation.”

6/11/2020 DOJ push to drop Flynn case slammed by Kristine Phillips and Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY
    WASHINGTON – The Justice Department showed a “gross abuse of prosecutorial power” in its push to drop the case against Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, a court-appointed arbiter said Wednesday.
    Retired federal judge John Gleeson said the Justice Department’s bid to dismiss Flynn’s case should be denied because its arguments “are not credible,” suggesting the government violated safeguards designed to prevent “dubious dismissals of criminal cases that would benefit powerful and well-connected defendants.”
    “The Department of Justice has a solemn responsibility to prosecute this case – like every other case – without fear or favor,” Gleeson argued.    “It has abdicated that responsibility through a gross abuse of prosecutorial power, attempting to provide special treatment to a favored friend and political ally” of the president.
    Gleeson’s rebuke is the latest in what has become a long-running prosecution of the former Army general. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has been overseeing the case for three years, appointed Gleeson to challenge the Justice Department’s motion to drop the case and to examine whether Flynn committed perjury in declaring his innocence for a crime he had earlier admitted.
[Well it’s not hard to see that the continuous lies and coverups of what the Obama administration is still trying to do to cover up their criminal activities definitely before the elections from a judge who did not have the right to bring in the judge above.     So now that they have exposed themselves let’s see what Flynn’s attorney will do and this will be going to the appelate courts.].

6/12/2020 Antifa-like group reportedly funded by George Soros and Tom Steyer by OAN Newsroom
FILE- In this May 29, 2018, file photo George Soros is pictured. (AP Photo/Francois Mori, File)
    Investigative organization Project Veritas uncovered financial ties between an Antifa-like group and billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer.
    Project Veritas released footage of a left-wing group called Refuse Fascism on Thursday, exposing their violent tactics and agenda to impeach President Trump.
    The left-wing group reportedly received a grant from Soros, who is the center of multiple conspiracy theories about the recent nationwide protests.
    The leftist organization also revealed in the video that they have been in contact with former Democrat presidential candidate Steyer’s staff.    However, one of the group’s organizers said Steyer likely doesn’t want his name to be connected with the group due to his own political ambitions.
    In the undercover video, Refuse Fascism leader Tee Stern revealed Soros’s role in the organization’s pro-choice efforts.
    You can watch the full video released by Project Veritas here: RefuseFa uses ANTIFA-like tactics, Organizer Claims they Secured Money from Soros, Met with Steyer

6/14/2020 Ukraine Anti-Corruption Bureau seizes $6M bribe by OAN Newsroom
Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytsky, left, and National Anti-Corruption
Bureau chief Artem Sytnik at a pile of USD 6 million in plastic bags during a briefing in an anti-corruption
prosecutor’s office in Kyiv, Ukraine, Saturday, June 13, 2020. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
    Ukrainian officials recently revealed they were offered a $6 million bribe to end an investigation into the former minister of ecology and founder of a major energy company.
    Ukraine’s anti-corruption prosecutor held a news conference on Saturday, where the cash bribe on was put on display.    The criminal investigation was against the head of Burisma, who is suspected of using his position to enrich his gas company.
    According to officials, this is the largest cash bribe ever detained in the country.
    “The sum of the bribe was $6 million USD, of which $5 million was offered to the very person who had to close the criminal proceeding,” explained spokesman Nazar Kholodnytsky.    “$1 million was intended for the so-called ‘consultant services’ of the middleman.”
    Three people have been detained in connection to the bribe, including a high-ranking tax official.
    Officials have stated the investigation is not related to the allegations against Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who used to work for Burisma.
[5/21/2020 Reports: Biden-Ukraine corruption authorized by Obama by OAN Newsroom
    New reports claimed former President Barack Obama gave full authorization of Joe Biden’s shady dealings in Ukraine.    One America’s Kristian Rouz looks into the matter.

6/20/2020 Barr claims President Trump has fired U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman by OAN Newsroom
Geoffrey S. Berman, United States attorney for the Southern District of New York,
arrives to his office in New York on Saturday, June 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)
    On Saturday, Attorney General William Barr announced President Trump has officially fired U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman.    In a letter, Barr reprimanded the federal lawyer and confirmed the president granted his request for Berman’s removal.
    The attorney general has said he was surprised and disappointed by Berman’s statement.    He further suggested the lawyer “chose public spectacle over public service.”
    On Friday, Berman stated he had no plans of stepping down from his position.    This came after the Justice Department declared its intention to reassign someone to his post.

President Donald Trump listens to a reporter’s question on the South Lawn of the
White House in Washington, Saturday, June 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
    Meanwhile, President Trump has claimed he was not involved in the attorney’s firing.    While speaking to reporters at the White House, the president emphasized the decision was up to his attorney general, not him.
    The president praised William Barr for being very qualified in his role as the attorney general and reiterated that Berman’s removal was out of his hands.
    Geoffrey Berman has since agreed to step down.    Following Barr’s letter, the attorney issued a statement.

6/21/2020 Barr: Trump fires brazen US prosecutor - But president says move made by attorney general by Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY
    President Donald Trump dismissed Manhattan’s chief federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman on Saturday after the prosecutor who had launched a series of criminal inquiries targeting the president’s allies refused to resign, Attorney General William Barr said in a letter to Berman.
    Because you have declared that you have no intention of resigning, I have asked the President to remove you as of today, and he has done so,” Barr wrote.
    Barr said Deputy U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss would serve as the acting chief of the office until a permanent successor could be seated.
    Berman said he would step down “effective immediately,” claiming in a statement that Barr’s decision “to respect the normal operation of law and have Deputy U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss become Acting U.S. Attorney” led to his decision.
    Almost as soon as the letter was made public, however, Trump appeared to distance himself from the attorney general’s statement, saying that the decision to remove Berman was Barr’s to make.
    “I’m not involved,” Trump told reporters before departing for a campaign rally in Oklahoma.
    The action came after an extraordinary confrontation late Friday night in which Barr first announced that Berman would be “stepping down,” only to have the prosecutor fire back that he had no intention of resigning his post.
    The clash thrust the Justice Department into fresh turmoil, raising new questions about its independence from a White House that has sought to remove members of the administration it has cast as disloyal.
    “Unfortunately, with your statement of last night, you have chosen public spectacle over public service,” Barr said in the letter, referring to the prosecutor’s refusal to capitulate.
    “Your statement also wrongly implies that your continued tenure in the office is necessary to ensure that cases now pending in the Southern District of New York are handled appropriately.    This is obviously false.    I fully expect that the office will continue to handle all cases in the normal course and pursuant to the Department’s applicable standards, policies, and guidance.    Going forward, if any actions or decisions are taken that office supervisors conclude are improper interference with a case, that information should be provided immediately to Michael Horowitz, the Department of Justice’s Inspector General.” Barr said he was asking Horowitz to review any claims of improper interference.
    The crucial Justice Department office has prosecuted Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen and is heading an investigation of the president’s attorney and close adviser Rudy Giuliani.
    The Associated Press contributed.
Geoffrey Berman says his resignation as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York is “effective immediately.” KEVIN HAGAN/AP

6/22/2020 Durham to disclose Russian collusion investigation details by end of summer by OAN Newsroom
FILE – This 2018 portrait released by the U.S. Department of Justice shows Connecticut’s
U.S. Attorney John Durham. (U.S. Department of Justice via AP, File)
    The ongoing probe into the Russian collusion investigation is gaining momentum with new developments expected in the coming months.
    On Sunday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr gave an update on the progress of the investigation, which is being spearheaded by Connecticut U.S. attorney John Durham.
    Barr hinted that new progress in the case could be released soon and said he’s surprised by the lack of public interest in the case.
    “He’s looking at whether or not the narrative of Trump being involved in the Russian interference actually preceded July and was, in fact, the precipitating trigger of the investigation,” said the attorney general.
    Last year, Barr tapped Durham to lead the probe after President Trump requested the Department of Justice look into the origins of “Russiagate” scandal.
    Durham was directed to look into the early stages of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign and thoroughly examine the Intelligence Community’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.
    Specifically, the U.S. attorney aims to gauge the actions of former CIA Director John Brennan to see if he propagated a politicized stance to the Intelligence Community.
    While the probe was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, Durham has pressed by investigating areas not as affected.
Attorney General William Barr speaks during a roundtable with President Donald Trump about America’s seniors,
in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, June 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
    “Those who broke the laws will be held to account, but this cannot be and it will not be a tit-for-tat exercise,” said Barr.    “We are not going to lower the standards just to achieve a result.”
    Meanwhile, the attorney general expects Durham to disclose details of his investigation by the end of summer.    He said the probe will continue through the November election, but the direction could change depending on who wins the presidency.

6/23/2020 Report: Berman refused to sign letter critical of NYC Mayor de Blasio by OAN Newsroom
Geoffrey S. Berman, United States attorney for the Southern District of New York,
arrives to his office in New York on Saturday, June 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)
    As many speculate the reasoning behind former U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman’s ousting in New York, the White House has made it clear he was simply dismissed to make room for a replacement.
    During a White House press briefing Monday, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany addressed Berman’s firing.
    “The administration has very clearly outlined the reason that he is leaving and it is because Mr. Clayton will be moved into that role,” she explained.    “We are hopeful that Clayton will be confirmed…no investigation will be affected by this as was made clear by Attorney General (William) Barr.”
    According to the Wall Street Journal, Berman refused to sign a letter last week criticizing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for enforcing social distancing rules during religious gatherings yet not during protests.    The letter suggested the mayor imposed a “double standard” when it came to the regulations.
    Although it’s unclear if the letter played a role in Barr’s decision to fire Berman over the weekend, political analysts have pointed out that this came just one day before Attorney General Barr announced he planned to replace Berman.
Attorney General William Barr is seated before President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable discussion about “Transition to Greatness: Restoring,
Rebuilding, and Renewing,” at Gateway Church Dallas, Thursday, June 11, 2020, in Dallas.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
    Critics have suggested Berman’s investigations into Trump allies like Rudy Guiliani and his associates prompted Barr’s decision.    This all came after a weekend of tensions between the attorney general and Berman after the former U.S. attorney refused to resign.
    However, on Saturday Barr informed Berman that President Trump “agreed to remove him.”    This left Berman’s deputy, Audrey Strauss, to serve in his role as an interim until Jay Clayton is confirmed by the Senate.

6/24/2020 Prosecutor: Politics played role in Stone case by Kristine Phillips, USA TODAY
    WASHINGTON – The Justice Department gave Roger Stone “unprecedentedly favorable treatment because he is an ally of President Donald Trump, a former prosecutor on the case is expected to tell Congress Wednesday.
    Aaron Zelinsky, an attorney on former special counsel Robert Mueller’s team and one of the career Justice Department lawyers who prosecuted Stone, said the agency’s leadership pressured them to recommend a lenient sentence for political reasons – a move that a supervisor acknowledged was “unethical and wrong.”
    And yet, Zelinsky said, Justice Department leadership from the highest levels pressured then-Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Timothy Shea to “cut Stone a break.”    He and the other prosecutors repeatedly raised concerns about “such political favoritism,” but their objections “were not heeded,” Zelinsky said.
    The political meddling was unprecedented, according to Zelensky, and prompted him to resign from the case.
    “In the many cases I have been privileged to work on in my career, I have never seen political influence play any role in prosecutorial decision making.    With one exception: United States v. Roger Stone,” Zelinsky said in an opening statement released Tuesday by the House Judiciary Committee.
    Zelinsky is set to testify Wednesday before the committee, which is investigating allegations of political interference within the Justice Department.    Zelinsky’s attorney, Robert Litt, said the prosecutor “will truthfully describe what happened with the Stone sentencing.”
    A Justice Department spokeswoman didn’t respond to a request for comment.
Contributing: Kevin Johnson

6/24/2020 President Trump after Flynn charges dropped: ‘Is James Comey and his band of dirty cops going to apologize?’ by OAN Newsroom
FILE – In this Dec. 18, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser
Michael Flynn arrives at federal court in Washington. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)
    The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled 2-1 to allow the Justice Department to dismiss the charges against General Michael Flynn.    President Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the decision on Wednesday.
    The president then asked, “Are James Comey and his band of dirty cops going to apologize to General Michael Flynn for what they have done to ruin his life?
    He suggested former President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden should also apologize.
    The president spoke more about the case in the Oval Office.
    “I’m very happy about General Flynn.    He was treated very, very horribly by a group of very bad people.    I think you’ll see, some things are going to start to come out.    What happened to General Flynn should never happen again in our country.” – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States
    “He’s been exonerated and I want to congratulate him,” he added.    “He’s been through a lot.”
[The charges of lying by Flynn have been changed now due to a new released mysterious notes from Peter Stryk which has busted Comey, Obama and even Joe Biden who is now lying that he did not know about it but in the notes he was the one who brought up the Logan Act.    So please do not vote for the real Democrat liar running for president, who also denied he did not fire the Ukraine prosecutor in a quid pro quo and also anything his son Hunter did which was corrupt and we just are waiting for Durham to press charges against the real criminals in the upcoming months and hopefully the Democrats will not send their Planet of the Apes (Anarchist BLM) to try to destroy everything this country stands for.].

6/28/2020 Judicial Watch reveals Obama admin. lied about Benghazi by OAN Newsroom
Ben Rhodes attends an interview with CNN in the Brady Press Briefing Room
of the White House on April 7, 2015. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)
    According to new records, top Obama administration officials lied about what took place in Benghazi.    This month, Judicial Watch released a report that uncovered new emails from the White House.
    The records followed a FOIA lawsuit from the non-profit group, which was filed in 2016.
    Several weeks after an attack in Benghazi left four Americans dead, Obama official Ben Rhodes sent an email detailing how the administration would manipulate the intelligence.    This came after then National Security Adviser Susan Rice told reporters the attack was “spontaneous.”
    The emails revealed the administration allegedly knew the attack was not spontaneous, but lied to increase Obama’s chances of reelection.
    “They didn’t want it known widely that it was a terrorist attack, the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans, something that could have been prevented,” stated Tom Fitton.    “They didn’t want all that known, so they lied.”
    Another email from Rhodes suggested the official joked about being called a “liar” and a “leaker.”

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