"Biography For Jim A. Cornwell"
by Jim A. Cornwell, Copyright © 1995, all rights reserved

Jim A. Cornwell 2003

Biography for Jim A. Cornwell

    Jim Cornwell has spent the past 36 years studying Biblical history along with archaeology, geology, astronomy, and various other sciences, initially for a hobby and later as a professional writer.    His goal is to reach the world through the publication of his research and through his own renewed interpretation of the Holy Bible and a synthesis with the ice ages/wurm/interglacials in relation to the mazzaroth, and insight into what is happening in our end of that cycle on this Earth.    As he says on his web site: “I am going into the foreign lands to preach the word of God.”    With the 1995 launch of www.mazzaroth.com, Mr. Cornwell has found an avenue through which he may pursue worldwide self-publication of his life’s work, The Alpha and the Omega, a continually updated three-volume publication that promotes the Holy Bible from a literal, a metaphysical, and a spiritual point of view.    Even with its solid basis the ever-changing tome, The Alpha and the Omega is modernized and refreshed each time new concepts are unearthed so that new ideas can be presented to the world.

    Jim Cornwell lives in Kentucky with his wife and children.    He enjoys spending time with family and keeping current with the latest discoveries in Biblical history and scientific theory and research.

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